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Theater of the Absurd

Posted on September 10, 2008



            According to a new poll, more than half the people of the world think that Al Qaeda had nothing to do with September 11th.  One in four have no idea who was behind the terrorist attacks, and sizeable percentages believe that it was either the United States or Israel who was behind the attacks.


            In a related story, in another world-wide poll of people outside the US, a solid majority wants Barack Obama to be the next President.


            Most people outside the U.S. seem to get their information about America from Hollywood.  That is why they would believe in a conspiracy theory as monstrous as the idea that the American government would send planes to crash into its own buildings to kill its own citizens.  It also why they would believe in the fantasy that Barack Obama would be a good President.


            Speaking of Hollywood, political activist and actor Matt Damon called the proposition that Sarah Palin would be President absurd.  With no hint of irony, Damon excoriated Palin for her relative lack of experience.  Of course, a stunning lack of experience didn’t disqualify Barack Obama from Damon’s wish list, but I guess we shouldn’t ask Hollywood actors to be intellectually consistent.


            Damon has specialized in conspiracy-type movies.  In the movies, he usually plays some deranged ex-assassin trying to come to grips with who he really is.   He should remember who he really is in real life.  A mediocre actor, a mediocre poker player, and a horrible political analyst.


            Ever since Sarah Palin, the most popular governor in America, with the highest approval ratings of any politician in government, became the nominee, she has become the object of incredibly vicious attacks from the left-wing.  The left has consistently distorted her record, attacked her family, lied about her personal life, and condemned her as a bad mother and a religious zealot.  The most surprising attacks have come from female news personalities who simply can’t understand how a mother like Palin can raise her kids and be a Vice President.  So much for the left really believing its rhetoric on equal rights for women. 


            Adding more absurdity to all of this absurdity is Joe Biden, who today threw himself and his running mate under the bus.  Biden admitted that Hillary Clinton would have made a better Vice Presidential pick than him.  Incredible.  Biden must be feeling kind of lonely because nobody cares what he has to say about anything any more. 


            Yes, it is absurd that we have spent the last day and a half talking about lipstick, pit bulls and pigs.  Did Barack Obama mean to imply that Sarah Palin is a pig?  I doubt it, but in this absurd campaign you never know.  The Democrats have tried to throw everything else at her and nothing has worked.  She is getting even more popular.


            Silly season is upon us.  Get ready for the theater of the absurd.

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