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The White Party, According to Howard Dean

Posted on August 15, 2008



            This is what Howard Dean had to say on NPR today:  : “If you look at folks of color, even women, they’re more successful in the Democratic Party than they are in the white, uh, excuse me, in the Republican Party...”


            Dean has a long history of saying stupid things.


            He once said that the Iraq war was “unwinnable.”


            He said, “"You know, the Republicans are not very friendly to different kinds of people. They're a pretty monolithic party. Pretty much, they all behave the same, and they all look the same. ... It's pretty much a white Christian party.''


            He also said, teaching a class in Lacrosse, Wisconsin, “"Now that we're on dog pee, we can have an interesting conversation about that. I do not recommend drinking urine…but if you drink water straight from the river, you have a greater chance of getting an infection than you do if you drink urine."


            He said, “We won't always have the strongest military.”


            He also said, in the spirit of comity, “I hate Republicans and everything they stand for.”


            He said, “I've waffled before. I'll waffle again.”


            He said, ““It looks like today, and this could change, as of today it looks like women will be worse off in Iraq than they were when Saddam Hussein was president of Iraq.”


            Howard Dean is the leader of the Democratic Party.  He is the man who is the chief spokesman for the party, the chief strategist, and he represents the heart and soul of the Democratic intelligentsia.


            So to sum up where the Democrats are coming from, you are a Democrat if you:


1)    Are not white or Christian.

2)    Don’t believe the Iraq war is winnable.

3)    Hate Republicans.

4)    Believe that it is safer to drink urine than it is to drink water from the Mississippi River.

5)    Like to waffle

6)    Believe that we won’t always have the strongest military in the world.

7)    Believe that women, who were routinely raped as a matter of state policy in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, are not better off today in post-war Iraq.


Not sure, but as Barack Obama goes into the election, I don’t think this is the kind of messaging that he is looking for from his party leader.


White Christians (or Catholics for that matter) who think we should win wars that we are currently engaged in, who believe in the two party system, who believe in the concept of strong principled leadership, and who believe that America should continue to be able to protect itself from our enemies, should think twice of becoming part of Howard Dean’s Democratic Party. 


The welcome mat is no longer available to you.  Sorry.  Howard Dean doesn’t want you.