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The Problem Is You Think This is All On the Level.

Posted on January 28, 2020
Nothing about this impeachment farce is on the level.


Senate Republicans should stop acting like it is.


The President is not perfect.  He makes mistakes, some minor and some bigger than minor.


He shouldn’t have hired John Bolton, for example.


Bolton was never going to buy into the Trump theory of foreign diplomacy.


Trump believes he can sell anything and he believes that could sell peace to the Iranians and the North Koreans.


We will see if he is right, but one thing we know.  John Bolton didn’t want peace with either regime.  He wanted to maximize the pressure and push for regime change, through hook or by crook, even if it meant war.


Bolton is the opposite of a peace-monger.  The two were destined to clash and now we have a book to show where and when the President and his one-time National Security Advisor disagreed.


The President probably shouldn’t have strung Mitt Romney along, when it came to the Secretary of State job.  Romney and Trump don’t like each other.  That much is obvious.  But the public humiliation was a little much.  And now Romney gets his revenge.


Trump probably should have put Rudy Giuliani on the public payroll.


Rudy is loyal, maybe too loyal.  And giving him all of prestige of working for the President as his lawyer but none of the ethics restrictions that come with an actual appointment has turned out to be a huge mistake.


If Rudy had a real job, he wouldn’t have been able to mix his private business with the President’s public business.


If Rudy had a real job, it is unlikely he would have ever met this Lev Parnas dude.  I am not saying that Parnas is a spy for Vladimir Putin, but if he turns out to be, it wouldn’t surprise me at all.  He has done more to cause confusion and discord within the Administration than just about anybody else.


But nobody elected Donald Trump because he was going to be the perfect politician.  They elected him because he was the perfect anti-politician.


The American people voted the President in because they were tired of open borders, bad trade deals, a struggling economy, and endless wars.


They also voted for Trump because they were tired of being lectured to by the smug elites of both political parties, the types who looked down their long noses and decried the deplorables for being unwashed, unhealthy,  unwise, and uncouth.


They were the Adamses who hated Andrew Jackson.


And the Jacksonians told them to screw off.


The impeachment of Donald Trump is the last gasp of the Adams family.


I know why Mitt Romney, the former Governor of Massachusetts, is calling for more witnesses.  He wants to stick a shiv into his rival’s ribs, made one last effort to topple the leader of the deplorables and become a hero to his class.


Calling John Bolton to do his dirty work is just perfect.  The son of a firefighter, Bolton can’t plausibly be seen as a member of the ruling elite.   And Bolton has the motive and a good story to tell, (and some books to sell).


But we already know what Bolton is going to say.  Instead of calling him as a witness, why don’t the Senators just go read his book.  I am sure Bolton’s friends at the NSC have some extra copies.  They didn’t give them all to the New York Times.


The problem for Mitt Romney is that the GOP isn’t his party anymore.  It’s Trump’s party and no matter how hard he might try, Mr. Romney won’t have the votes to accomplish his mission during this trial.


The GOP faithful would never let that happen.


The President’s ratings are as high as they have ever been, despite all the supposed turmoil that has convulsed official Washington.  That because nobody is paying attention to this impeachment farce.


They are far more concerned about the Coronavirus, or depressed about Kobe or generally pleased that their wages are skyrocketing.


If I were a Senator, I would tell the Sergeant of Arms that I am not playing this game of charades anymore.  I have more important things to do than sit in judgement of a President who isn’t perfect but certainly hasn’t committed anything close to a high crime or a misdemeanor.


I would call for vote to stop the madness and then I would refuse to step foot back into the chamber until they ended the trial and got back to the business of the American people.

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