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The Next Villain?

Posted on March 10, 2009

The Next Villain?


            According to media reports, the Democrats see Eric Cantor as the next big villain.


            Eric Cantor?


            With Clark Kent good looks, a pretty (and wicked smart) wife, a nice family, and a pretty appealing demeanor, Eric Cantor makes a bad villain.


            He might believe in the free market.  He might fight against wasteful and stupid government spending.  He might have some good ideas on how to prop up the economy.  He might work very hard to help his Republican colleagues get reelected as he gets them to vote with his leadership in his position as whip.


            But this is not the stuff of a true villain.


            I can see how Newt Gingrich could be portrayed as a villain.  Gingrich was prone to outrageous statements, he took used ethics as a weapon, he took out Jim Wright, and with his shock of white hair, he could look villainish. 


            And I can see how Tom DeLay could be portrayed as a villain.  DeLay himself said he looked like a villain.  He too was prone to outrageous statements, he played too close to the ethical line, and he loved his reputation as a hard-charging hammer.


            And I can see how Rush Limbaugh can be portrayed as a villain.  Everybody knows about his purposefully provocative statements, his bombast, etc.  And Rush, with his big cigars and bigger than life personality, revels in being a villain.


            But Eric Cantor?


            Yes, Eric Cantor raises a lot of money for the Republicans.


            Yes, Eric Cantor does a very effective job as whip.


            Yes, Eric Cantor has a conservative outlook and conservative philosophy.


            But he is no villain.  In fact, to many, he is a hero.


            The Democrats have tried to make Rush Limbaugh their number one villain, because they know that attacking John Boehner and Mitch McConnell is pointless.  They certainly don’t want to attack Michael Steele, who is busy getting himself in and out of his own jams. 


            But the Rush thing has only limited value for them, because Rush doesn’t have a vote in Congress.   


            That is why they are trying to make Eric Cantor their next villain.  Seems like a pretty big stretch to me.  

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