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The Many Ways the Democratic Left Has Expressed Its Hatred of Brett Kavanaugh

Posted on September 25, 2018
Let review the reasons why the Democrats have expressed their hatred of Brett Kavanaugh and desperately want to stop his confirmation to the Supreme Court:


  • They hate President Trump:  Many have said that they don’t think Mr. Trump won legitimately, that he may be impeached and that he shouldn’t get a chance to name a second Justice to the Supreme Court.

  • They hate what Mitch McConnell did to Merrick Garland: You would think that this would have been manifested more intensely during the Neil Gorsuch hearing, but old anger dies hard.

  • They think Kavanaugh will overturn Roe V. Wade: Even though he has strongly hinted that he won’t, they still believe it to be so.

  • They hate that Kavanaugh will side with President Trump in any Constitutional showdown, should the President fire Robert Mueller. I think all of that is Democratic fantasy and fear-mongering.  If the President does something unconstitutional, Brett Kavanaugh will uphold the Constitution.

  • They hate that he worked with Ken Starr on Clinton’s impeachment: Clinton was charged with lying about having sexual relations with an intern (which would get most CEO’s fired these days) and Kavanaugh worked in Starr’s Independent Counsel office.  This infuriates the Left, even though what Bill Clinton did then is precisely what the #Metoo movement is theoretically protesting against today.  David Brock wrote about this today as a reason to oppose Kavanaugh.

  • They hate that he worked for George W. Bush in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks: I guess they didn’t like Bush’s efforts to keep America safe from further terrorist attacks.

  • They hate that he didn’t answer questions in his last confirmation hearing the way they wanted him to answer the questions: This mostly has to do with a controversy dealing with a former Judiciary Committee staffer named Manuel Miranda who apparently related the contents of some internal memos to Kavanaugh when he worked in the Bush White House in advance of hearings related to the Miguel Estrada confirmation to the DC Court of Appeals, the likely stepping stone to the Supreme Court.  Democrats were so brutal in their attempts to stop Estrada (who would have been the first Hispanic nominated to the Supreme Court) that the stress killed his wife.  They never mention their complicity in her death.  Imagine that.

  • They hate that he will be more conservative than Anthony Kennedy:  Kennedy used to be conservative and then moderated his opinions over the years.  My own view is that Kavanaugh will be more moderate than the left gives him credit for.  But I could be wrong.  I hope I am wrong.

  • They hate that he is in favor of the Second Amendment: Democrats don’t like the Second Amendment.

  • They hate that he went into debt to buy Washington Nationals tickets: This is a particular bugaboo of Sheldon Whitehouse, a blue blood New England scion of great wealth who can’t understand how somebody like Kavanaugh could temporarily go broke buying baseball tickets. But anybody who has bought Nationals season tickets and doesn’t come from great wealth (me, for example), knows how hard paying off those bills can be.

  • They hate that he is a man: This is really what seems to be animating much of the anger of the hard left. Senator Mazie Hirono is leading that charge and has demanded that all men shut up.

  • They hate that he went to a fancy prep-school: This has been a subtheme of all the latest coverage, especially in the Washington Post. Georgetown Prep was once a shining example of the best of Catholic, Jesuit Education.   Now, it’s a terrible example of white, male privilege, I guess.

  • They hate that he is a Catholic: The dogma runs deeps in Judge Kavanaugh. That is absolutely unacceptable to the modern Democratic Party.

  • They hate that he is a symbol of the patriarchy: Democrats are all about tearing down the patriarchy.  Kavanaugh might be nice to his wife, might go out of his way to hire female law clerks, might coach his daughter’s CYO basketball team, might be inspired to be a Judge because of his mother.  None of that matters.  He is a white, Catholic male who is a symbol of the patriarchy.  Michelle Goldberg in the New York Time has been hitting that point over and over again, calling all men who disagree with her pigs in her column today.

  • They hate that he went to a fraternity: Several commentators have commented that it is time to burn down all Frats.

  • They hate that he had fun in high school and had some funny (or not funny) lines in his graduating Yearbook. The New York Times wrote a story today, anonymously quoting from somebody who attended the school (who it turns out is a gay Democratic politician from Maryland who hates Trump and wants to sink his former classmate’s confirmation) that what Kavanaugh wrote in his yearbook was some snide jokes about having sex with a woman who went to the local all-girls school. This is how low the Times is going to try to stop the Kavanaugh confirmation.  They are writing hit pieces about the nominee’s high school yearbook!

  • They hate that he drank in high school and in college: This is where you really miss Ted Kennedy being at the Judiciary Committee. Perspective people!

  • They hate that he was a virgin in high school and many years after: After this newest revelation, you watch how the Democrats will attack him for his admission that he didn’t get lucky until later in college or perhaps Law School.


The hatred runs deeps when it comes to Judge Kavanaugh.  None of it is legitimate.  None.  Of.  It.


This whole fiasco is why the American people hate Washington and why sane people don’t run for political office.


The Democrats and the organized Left have embarrassed themselves during this process, and they will pay a price at the polls.  Mark my words.

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