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The Joker

Posted on January 5, 2009

The Joker


            Senate Democrats may rush to seat “The Joker” as soon as he can get the necessary paperwork from the State of Minnesota.


            But it looks like they won’t seek “The Joke” who may not get any paperwork from the State of Illinois.


            “The Jokester”, an amiable former Presidential candidate announced yesterday that he wouldn’t take a job as Commerce Secretary because of an FBI investigation into a “pay for play” scheme in his home state of New Mexico.


            A “No Joke, you know” candidate says she still wants to be the New Senator from New York, even though her credentials, outside of a very nice family name, are a real joke.


            Old “He Doesn’t Joke”, the Senator from Nevada, actually said to “the Laughing Stock” not to nominate an African American to replace Barack Obama as Senator, because they couldn’t win statewide, apparently without any hint of irony.


            My friends, you can’t make this stuff up.


            Al Franken, aka The Joker, may actually get sworn in to be a U.S. Senator. 


            When Franken was at Saturday Night Live, I actually thought he was pretty funny.  But as a US Senator?  Not so much.   What is really funny (ha ha) is how Franken might actually get away with stealing this election. 


            My prediction:  Should Harry Reid move to seat Franken before every appeal is heard, it will be one of his biggest mistakes ever made.  Franken might give Reid a vote, but, thanks to a prickly personality, he will also give the Majority Leader several headaches should he ever get sworn in.


            But the Minnesota situation is not Reid’s biggest mess.  The continuing controversy over Roland Burris has only been made worse by revelations that the Nevada Senator counseled Governor Blago not to appoint a list of three Democrats (who happened to all be African-American) because they couldn’t win state wide.


            My prediction:  Buriss will eventually sit as a U.S. Senator, and Republicans will win that seat in two years.


            Now, that Bill Richardson has stepped aside as Commerce Secretary, you have to wonder what Hillary Clinton is thinking.   Had the scandals surrounding Richardson and John Edwards (aka The Love Child) been exposed earlier, it might have given Clinton the votes she needed to beat Obama in Iowa.  But there is some upside for Clinton.   She won’t have to fight Richardson on the international commerce portfolio for the next four years.


            My prediction:  Richardson will be back, and he will be gunning for the State Department slot. 


            Caroline Kennedy seems like a very nice person.  But her verbal tics are just one indication of her inexperience. 


            My prediction:  If she gets it this time, she will be primaried in two years. 


            The Democrats are in town and ready for action.  Let the jokes begin. 

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