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The Haters Club

Posted on November 29, 2012

There are a lot of haters out there.  I wish they would stop hating.

Here are some of them:

Notre Dame Haters:  Notre Dame is going to the BCS championship for the first time and that has brought out the Irish haters.  There are two groups of ND haters.  There are the anti-Catholic bigots.  And then there are Catholics who ought to be excommunicated for hating Notre Dame.   One thing is clear:   Some people hate Notre Dame football.  Jealousy?  Stupidity?  Bigotry?  Hard to know.  Probably a combination of all three.   Notre Dame probably won’t win the BSC championship game.  They have far too high a percentage of players who actually can read, write and think.   But wouldn’t it be wonderful if they did?  That would show the haters out there.

White Male Haters:  House Republicans nominated a slate of Committee Chairmen who happened to be white and male, and that sparked a fire-storm of controversy.  How dare these white males actually have positions of power?  How dare they not bow down to political correctness?  How dare they continue to be in the Majority of Congress?  White males are getting a bad rap.  Without white males, there would have been no U.S. Constitution, no Declaration of Independence, no Emancipation Proclamation, no Constitutional Amendments, no balance of powers, no United States of America.   There would also be no automobiles, no tractors, no iPhones, no video games, no Apple, no Microsoft, no Facebook, no Google.  White males have done some pretty amazing things.  Stop hating them.

Twitter-verse Haters:  These are people who spew their hate on Twitter.  Because they don’t necessarily have to identify themselves, Twitter-Haters are particularly vitriolic.  Don’t check out your Twitter account if you just went on television, unless you have a strong stomach, because the Twitter-haters will call you all kinds of names.  It is as if the Super-Ego has been stripped of all controlling authority once you log on to the little birdie, and you are allowed to spew forth whatever hate you have in your heart.

Obama-Haters:  These people are driven to distraction by President Obama.  They hate him.  I don’t think he is a very good President, but I don’t hate him.  The Obama haters HATE him.  They don’t think he was born in America, they think he is Muslim, they think he is Satan, blah, blah, blah.  Certainly, Obama’s name and parentage is unique among American Presidents, but he seems like a nice family man, when he isn’t being an anti-rich demagogue.  Republicans can’t be driven by the hatred of Obama, just like Democrats couldn’t be driven by hatred of Bush.  Revenge is best served cold, and hatred is way too hot.

I am sure there are more examples out there.   The world has too many haters.  I hate them.

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