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The Circus

Posted on January 6, 2009

The Circus Comes to Town


            The best thing the Republicans have going for them is, well, the Democrats.


            That thought crossed my mind as I saw Roland Burris get turned away from the Senate doors. 


            Only with the Democrats could you have this kind of circus.


            A corrupt Democratic governor appoints a mediocre, but probably not corrupt, political hack (who happens to be black) to the Senate as a way to stick it to a newly ascendant Democratic Senate Majority.


            That majority is eagerly awaiting the arrival of a comedian (a real life comedian) who says he won an election (although his opponent says that he didn’t win).  This comedian has never held elective office and his only previous experience was as a failed liberal radio host.  And the Senate Majority Leader, who turned away a mediocre yet qualified African-American Senator, wants instead to seat a comedian and may risk a Senate filibuster to do it.


            The newly elected President-elect, who himself just moved to town, had to accept the withdrawal of a former rival/supporter, who decided that he couldn’t stand the heat of a Senate confirmation battle, because the FBI is hot on his trail in an investigation for a possible pay to play scandal.


            Keep in mind that it was a pay to play scandal that seemed to have temporarily derailed the aspirations of the mediocre African-American politician from Illinois.  And keep in mind that the Senate has returned to an all white status, thanks to the departure of the first African American president-elect in our nation’s history.


            As the Obama team tries to confront tough economic realities, it also has to understand the delicate sensitivities of certain leaders.  Take, for example, the appointment of Leon Panetta to the CIA. 


            Panetta is a political animal.  He was the budget guy when he was in the House and then he was a management guy when he was at the White House.  He seemingly retired to the left coast, where he ran a think tank.  While he may be intelligent, he has no notable intelligence experience.  Just ask Diane Feinstein, a fellow Californian, who was absolutely livid at the Panetta pick. 


            She wanted either a heads up or an acknowledgment from the Obama team about her great experience and uncommon wisdom on the field of intelligence (she is the new Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee).  She got neither.  And she is pissed at the new President.


            So, you have a new Senator who won’t get sworn in, a new Senator who shouldn’t sworn in, a new Commerce Secretary who can’t and won’t get sworn in, and a new CIA head who isn’t qualified to get sworn in (according to a Democratic Senator).


            The circus has come to town.  Gotta love it.