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The Castro Boys

Posted on May 8, 2013

The Castro boys' mugshots.

Yesterday morning, Barbara Harrison was on the radio, promoting a story for the local NBC newscast, about a baby who was found in the garbage, barely breathing, who grew up to be a 23-year old college graduate who is doing great today, thanks to the person who found her in the plastic bag and the family that helped to raise her.

Later that day, came the revelations of three women who escaped from three brothers named Castro.  The women were held as sex slaves, repeatedly raped and beaten for more than a decade.

That was bad enough.  It turned out the three women would be beaten even more when they became pregnant, and that five of those pregnancies were ended, either before or after the kids were born.

I was pro-life before yesterday.

I am more pro-life today.

The Castro boys should get the death penalty for killing those kids.  I know those children were products of rape and I know that under some definitions, under the famous rape and incest provision, those kids shouldn’t be considered kids at all.  Under some definitions of the law, they should be considered merely fetuses.

I don’t care.  The Castro boys should be executed for killing those kids.

And the executions should be slow and painful.

I have gone wobbly on the death penalty in recent years.

I think our Justice system makes plenty of mistakes and some people are wrongly accused and wrongly convicted.  So, I think we need to rethink the death penalty.

But not in this case.  The Castro boys should be executed.   And they should be executed slowly and painfully.

The 23 year old college graduate who is doing quite well, thank you very much, is doing well because the scared girl who produced her didn’t have the heart to kill her.

That’s a good thing.

She didn’t get an abortion.  If she did, the 23-year old college student wouldn’t be a college graduate.  She would be just like the five poor “fetuses” who were killed by the Castro boys, the guys who deserve to be executed.   She would be dead.

That scared girl shouldn’t have put her baby in a plastic bag.  She should have dropped her off at a church or a hospital or anywhere else where she could be found and cared for.

If it weren’t for the grace of God, that 23-year old wouldn’t have been found 23 years ago.

We need to make it easier for pregnant girls to leave their babies in places that somebody will care for them.  There are plenty of people who desperately want little babies to adopt and to care for and to proudly attend their college graduations 23 years later.

Sadly, there are also a few people who want brutalize young women and then discard the product of those rapes as if nothing happened.

People who do that need to pay the ultimate price.  They are killing little children.  That is murder, pure and simple.

I usually don’t get on my soap box in social issues.  But yesterday helped to clarify one thing in my mind.  The Castro boys need to be executed.  Slowly and painfully.  It’s that simple.

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