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The Big Lie

Posted on September 13, 2008



            The Obama campaign has decided on a new strategy to counter the McCain-Palin offensive.  They are doing everything they can to chip away at John McCain’s credibility, hoping upon hope that they can destroy his reputation as a straight talker. 


            They have a simple strategy on how to do this:  Call him a liar.


            They have mobilized their left-wing bloggers, their allies on liberal radio, their friends at MSNBC (specifically Keith Olberman), their colleagues on Capitol Hill, and a willing media elite to deliver a simple and outrageous message.  John McCain is a liar.


            In the old days, calling somebody a liar would have precipitated a duel  -- with guns.  When you call somebody a liar, you calling him a dishonorable son of a bitch.   In the House of Representatives, you can’t call somebody a liar without having your words taken down by the Speaker. 


            But the Democrats are desperate and they don’t care much about honor.  So, let’s do away with the niceties.  Let’s call McCain a liar.


            They call the McCain-Palin team liars when Palin says she stopped the bridge to nowhere.  But Palin did stop the bridge to nowhere.


            They call the McCain campaign liars when Palin claims that she put state plane up for sale on Ebay.  But she did put the plane up for sale on Ebay.  She is no liar.


            They call an ad on Obama, sex education and children a lie, but every word in the ad can be justified.  I don’t like the ad.  I think it is stupid.  But I also know that if  Obama really thought the ad was full of lies, he could file a lawsuit and stop stations from running it.  But he didn’t.


            This whole lipstick controversy has once again inspired the Obama campaign to call McCain a liar.  But the ad they ran wasn’t a lie.  It may have made the viewers draw some incorrect conclusions, but there wasn’t a lie in the whole ad.


            Obama’s campaign is full of exaggerations and lies.   Obama loves to claim that McCain wants us to keep fighting in Iraq for one hundred years, but he knows that is a blatant lie.  His campaign loves to claim that McCain believes that the economy’s fundamental are strong, but they know that comment is out of date.


            McCain probably shouldn’t stoop to the level of the Obama campaign and call him a liar.  But he does need to make everyone aware that the Obama’s “big lie” strategy is an concerted effort to tear down McCain’s credibility.   

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