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Thanksgiving 2008

Posted on November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008


            Thanksgiving Day started with my wife attempting to make coffee three times – the first two times ended in the coffee maker exploding and the third ended with the coffee overflowing – before we were able to finally get some coffee into our cups.


            I like to focus on the fact that we finally got coffee in our cups, which allowed me to finally start the day with a steaming cup of joe.


            So, I got that going for me.


            Thanksgiving started at the very beginnings of our Republic with the Pilgrims happy to have just about anything to eat, in the face of a brutal winter.  Today, many Americans Thanksgiving usually by watching the Macy Parade, move on to playing a game of touch football, and then cook the turkey while we watch the NFL.


            It is a time for family and friends, but usually family.  It is supposed to be a time for great joy, but there is usually some sort of family soap opera that is playing in the background.


            Thanksgiving is more fun when you are a kid.  You can run around with your cousins, eat as much as you want, and then run around some more with your cousins. 


            When you are older, you have to worry about making sure the turkey is cooking, that everybody has a drink and that the world isn’t going to hell in a handbasket.


            It is that last part that has me especially worried today.


            It isn’t just the economy, which of course, seems to be in critically bad shape.


            It’s also the images from India, where Muslim extremists opened fire on a bunch of innocent civilians in Mumbai.


            I feel like taking these guys by the shoulder, shaking them, and saying, “what is up with you, dude?”


            It is at moments like this, you just have to shake your head, count your blessings, and hope that the crisis will pass us by. 


            I am lucky that this morning my biggest crisis was the great coffee mishap. 


            At the moment, I can smell the turkey cooking, salivate over the mashed potatoes that I made myself, listen to my two year run around with his cousins, and thank God that I live in America.


            I hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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