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Terrorists Never Win in America

Posted on April 17, 2013

In 1605, Guy Fawkes and a group of disgruntled English Catholics hatched a plan to blow the British Parliament to smithereens by tunneling under the massive building, rolling in kegs of gunpowder and lighting the whole thing afire just as the House of Lords was entertaining King James the First.

Alas, the plan was discovered before the spark was lit, and Guy Fawkes and his merry band of terrorists were executed and the cause of freedom of worship for English Catholics was set back for hundreds of years.

Most terrorist bombing campaigns don’t work.   But some do.

Zionist terrorists were successful in convincing the British government that Israel was better in the hands of the Jewish people than Palestinians.   Irish terrorists were able to wrestle control of 3/4th of the Irish Island in the 1920’s Anglo-Irish war against that same British government.

In America, terrorist bombing campaigns usually backfire.

In 1886, a terrorist threw a stick of dynamite a group of police who were there to break up a May Day Labor rally at the Haymarket square.   Known anarchists were rounded up and thrown in jail, with four them eventually being hanged.

In 1920, another group of anarchists planted a TNT bomb in an unattended horse-drawn carriage, killing 35 people.   The bombing incited a Red Scare, making awfully hard to be Marxist American.

In the 1970’s, the Weather Underground launched a series of bombing attacks against government buildings.  Those attacks solidified support for Richard Nixon, who promised to promote law and order.

Puerto Rican terrorists targeted the U.S. Capitol in a couple different terrorist attacks, setting back the cause of Puerto Rican statehood for perhaps forever.

When Timothy McVeigh blew up the huge government building in Oklahoma City, he encouraged greater centralized power for the federal government, absolutely opposite of his claimed goal.

When the Blind Sheik attempted to blow up the World Trade Tower and when Osama Bin Laden successfully toppled those buildings on September 11, they didn’t succeed in their goal of making America less powerful.

In fact, because of the defense buildup in the years following those attacks, America is more powerful than ever and more vigilant in protecting itself.  Most of Bin Laden’s colleagues have been permanently retired from this life, and Bin Laden himself is now fish food.

The United States government and its people don’t react the way that the terrorists want them to react.  They counter-react.  They strike back and they make things far more difficult on the terrorists themselves.

Perhaps that is why whoever it might be that set off the bombs in Boston have refused to reveal themselves.  Perhaps they know that whatever cause they were trying to further would be devastated by those cowardly acts.

Terrorist attacks don’t succeed in America.  That is probably why they are pretty rare.

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