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Ted Cruz Fake Filibuster Word Search

Posted on September 26, 2013

If you are on Facebook (and many of you are), you probably have seen this status.
“Write down the first word you see on the Word Search below.  90% of the people see the same word. “

And of course, when you see the comment section, 90% of the people see completely different words.

I was thinking about that in the context of the Ted Cruz fake filibuster the other day.

Some will have you believe that 90% of the American people see the same word in the Ted Cruz fake filibuster.

But like in that Facebook Word Search game, people are all over the place.

Here are the words must commonly found in the Ted Cruz Fake Filibuster Word Search:

  1. Hero:  Tea Partiers see Cruz as a hero.  The good news for Cruz is that to these people, the junior Senator from Texas is a super-star.  The bad news, as a Bloomberg poll showed earlier today, the Tea Party is approved by only 22% of the American people.

  2. Jerk:  Establishment Republicans think Ted Cruz is a showboater who did this fake filibuster to help himself but in the process, hurt his party.  Instead of working with his colleagues to find a strategy that could be successful, he embarked on a campaign that was doomed to failure.

  3. Money:  For the conservative industrial complex, Ted Cruz is money in the bank.  The Senate Conservatives Fund especially enjoy using Ted Cruz and his fake filibuster to raise money from disaffected conservatives, which they can in turn use to run commercials against Republicans, which helps them to raise even more money from disaffected conservatives.

  4. Extreme:  Democrats think that Ted Cruz is a right-wing nut who will do everything he can to destroy President Obama.

  5. Ratings:  To the Media, Ted Cruz is good for ratings.  For left-leaning cable shows, Cruz makes a great villain because he hates Obama so much.  For right-leaning cable shows, he is a hero because he hates the Republican Party so much.  Either way, Cruz is good for ratings.

  6. Who:  For most Americans, Ted Cruz is just another politician making long speeches.  He hasn’t done anything to make their lives better, hasn’t help fix a broken Washington, hasn’t found common ground to make good things happen for the American.

90% of the American people don’t agree on much, but they do agree that Washington is out of touch with their daily concerns.   And to his credit, Cruz got that right during his fake filibuster.

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