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Shrink the Convention

Posted on June 13, 2008

            The Republicans have a choice when it comes to their convention in September.


            They can have John McCain give his speech on Thursday, and offer strong competition to the Redskins-Giants game that will be on at the same time (not).


            Or they can shrink the convention from four days to three days, making the networks, the party goers, the NFL and the American people happy in the process.


            My vote:  Shrink the convention.


            If we had an old-fashioned convention fight on our hands, I would be rooting for a longer convention, because I have never seen an old-fashioned convention fight and I think it would be fascinating.


            But while old-fashioned convention fights are fun for historians, they are death for the party that has them. 


            And let’s face facts.  There will be no old-fashioned convention fight this year at either convention.


            That being the case, shrink the convention.


            Some old-time political hands, including a former colleague of mine who shall remain nameless at his request, have been pushing for a shorter convention any way.


            The longer the convention, the more possibilities for mischief.  The longer the convention, the more chances that something can go wrong.  And the longer the conventions, the more irritated the press gets from covering the same talking given over and over again.


            And while we are on the topic of shrinking the convention, let’s hope that John McCain shrinks the length of his acceptance speech.  Shorter is better.  Think Gettysburgh Address. 


            I know this has been a fascinating political year, but a John McCain speech is not going to beat the opening day of the NFL season. 


            So, let’s shrink the convention, so everybody can get home in time to watch the game.

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