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Ray LaHood

Posted on September 30, 2009

Ray LaHood


            The Obama Administration is melting down.  The President is looking foolish in his efforts to contain Iran.  Joe Biden’s plans to lose in Afghanistan have temporarily frozen the White House into inaction in that region.  They are losing the public relations war and the policy war when it comes to health care, losing a key public option vote in the Senate Finance Committee. 


            Their only real strategy is to blame Republicans for everything, even though the GOP has no power, few votes, and not much help from the business community. 


            Ironically, it is the GOP, which has provided the Obama Administration its best moment.  Bob Gates has been a steady hand on the wheel over at the Pentagon.


            And then there is Ray LaHood.


            LaHood has been the only real public relations bright spot for this White House.


            The most successful program, Cash for Clunkers, was largely a LaHood operation.  He defended it, he extended it, he made certain that the government was good for the money when there were questions if it would pay up.  Without LaHood, cash for clunkers would have been a real clunker.


            And now LaHood is breaking through on the perils of driving while texting.


            It is an uncomfortable subject.  Everybody does it.  And if you do drive while texting, you might has well be drunk.  Driving while texting is dangerous, and if we are all doing it, we are increasing the chances that we are going to get into an accident.


            LaHood is pushing for federal legislation to ban the practice.  I am not sure if I would support such a law, but if Ray makes a compelling case, I will listen to him. 


            In the paper today, he explained it well.  He said that he puts his blackberry in his glove compartment in “his old Buick”.   Perfect imagery.   Shows his modest, humble roots, and his common touch. 


            In a Cabinet full of elite snobs, it is the down-home, middle-class, average Joe Republican, Ray LaHood, who is the real star. 


            Democrats should stop blaming Republicans for their profound troubles.  It's not their fault.

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