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Protest In Chicago

Posted on May 21, 2012

            I wonder what Bill Ayers was doing this weekend.


I was a little younger than my son (who is 6) in 1968 when the Democratic Convention came to Chicago.  My Uncle served in the National Guard at the time, and his job was stand in line and get mocked by a bunch of hippies who were protesting the war.


The Chicago cops had a different job.  As tensions roiled inside the Convention Hall, the police were sent into Grant Park to clean up the mess.  It wasn’t a pretty sight.


This weekend, the Chicago cops were once again sent in to clean up the mess of anti-war protestors.  And once again, it wasn’t a pretty sight.


Several weeks ago, barrels of feces were discovered in Chicago.  They were to be used by the protestors against the cops.  These protesters aren’t nice people.  They are anarchists.  And they are the direct descendants -- or in some cases, the same people – who protested in Chicago in 1968.


We tend to look at those 1968 protestors as hapless and helpless victims of the famed Chicago police riot.  But they weren’t hapless and they weren’t hopeless.  They were smelly lawbreakers who were trying to do their best to undermine American society.  They were anarchists and they were not nice people.


Same with these characters in Chicago this weekend.  These folks were supposedly protesting a war that will be finished next year.  I wonder if President Obama, who got his start in politics thanks to the efforts of one Bill Ayers, the guy who helped to organize the original riots in 1968, noted the irony of the situation.


The anarchists, inspired by the 1960’s hippies, protesting a President who was handpicked by one of those hippies.   Small world, huh?


My cousin serves on the Chicago police force.  He is one of those guys who had to face shit-hurling protestors.  I wouldn’t blame him if he used a little extra force to throw those yokels in jail.



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