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Mugged by Reality

Posted on January 13, 2009

Mugged By Reality


            It looks like the dream known as Obama has already started to crumble.


            His once invincible cabinet has shown cracks that forebode a weak vetting process and hubris on the crack Obama staff.


            Hillary Clinton and Tim Geithner faced it today. 


            Clinton’s Achilles heel was exposed when the Foreign Relations Republicans pounded on the funders of Bill Clinton’s various activities, most of the biggest of whom are foreign countries that are looking out for their best interests, not the best interest of America. 


            Geithner, the man who helped to design the Wall Street bailout, had his own troubles.  Apparently, the man who would be in charge of our collecting our nation’s taxes didn’t pay taxes when he was an employee of the IMF.  Whoops!


            This comes on top of the Bill Richardson disaster, which deserves further reflection.


            Richardson has long been known as somebody who plays a little fast and loose.  Yet he came in third of the Presidential derby.  Why didn’t the press tell us about the Governor’s troubles before this?


            And if Obama’s campaign did any due diligence on Richardson, wouldn’t they have known about his various ethics problems?


            Many of the media’s so-called stars, especially if they are working at MSNBC, are still swooning over the President-elect and his dream team.  But the lesser lights of the journalistic world, the hard-boiled reporters who may or may not get their calls returned from Team Obama, are starting to see through the fog.


            They are starting to figure out that this demi-God who came from seemingly another planet is just really another politician from Chicago.


            For those who are still not clued in, just look at Roland Burris. 


            Washington is starting to get mugged by reality.  No matter how much this city might believe that BHO is the “one”, soon enough they will learn to turn on him in much the same way they turned on just about every other President we have ever had.