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Millennialism, Obama and the Cult of the End of the World

Posted on June 9, 2008

According to Wikipedia,  “Millennialism (from millennium, Latin for "thousand years"),  is primarily a belief expressed in some Christian denominations, and literature, that there will be a Golden Age or Paradise on Earth where "Christ will reign" prior to the final judgment and future eternal state, primarily derived from the book of Revelation 20:1-6.  Millennialism is also a doctrine of medieval Zoroastrianism concerning successive thousand-year periods, each of which will end in a cataclysm of heresy and destruction, until the final destruction of evil and of the spirit of evil by a triumphant king of peace at the end of the final millennial age (supposed by some to be the year 2000).”

            The supposedly non-religious Democrats are all modern day millennialists.  They believe that because of global-warming, the world is coming to an end.  And they see Barack Obama as their prophet and savior, the man that can deliver them from doom.

            Millennial cults are not a new phenomena.  At the end of the first millennium, end of world cults sprung up all over the place.  And now, we have our cults here in the modern era.

            I would expect end-of-the-world rhetoric from Christian fundamentalist groups.  That is what they do for a living.  It is hard to handle it, however, from supposedly rational, decidedly secular groups from the left.  But that is what we have today.

            You really can’t escape the millennial outlook of liberal Democrats.  We are all doomed.  America’s best days are long gone.  We are all sinning, polluting, wasting, greedy, no-good, self-righteous, stupid, fat, lazy, corrupt Americans and we deserve to die.  And if we don’t die, we should pay much higher taxes.  And if we don’t die or pay higher taxes, the planet will stop spinning.

            Thank God for Barack Obama.  Only he can wash away the sins of George Bush, Dick Cheney, and those Godless Republicans.  That is the basic message coming from the Democrats.

            Millennial cults are to be expected anytime you reach a millennium.  I just didn’t expect the Democrats to be one of those cults.  But with Al Gore and George Soros as their prophets and now Obama as their savior, they have all the passion for the end of the world. 



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