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Loving The Rich?

Posted on December 1, 2011
Who really loves the rich?

John Podesta, the former Clinton White House Chief of Staff, wrote an article this week that accused Republicans of only caring about the rich. “Their votes,” he said, “are focused on protecting the top 1 percent of Americans — even if it means hurting the middle class.”

Not exactly.

Republicans don’t love the rich. They just really dislike government.

And here is a little secret.

Democrats don’t really hate the rich. They just really love the government.

Republicans believe that increasing taxes will lead to more government spending.

Their fight to stop tax increases is a fight to shrink government.

Democrats, on the other hand, aren’t really that interested in stringing up all the rich people in the world.

In fact, many Democrats, including former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, are very, very wealthy themselves.

They want to use the money from higher taxes to pay for more government because they are the pro-government spending party.

They get their votes by expanding the size, scope and power of the government.

Their biggest allies, including teachers unions, government labor groups and environmental activists, have a vested interest in bigger government.

Democrats also face a huge problem.

They are losing the votes of middle and working class white voters.

They believe that the only way to get those votes back is to play the class warfare game.

So, when you hear Democrats say that the Republicans are fighting for the wealthy, don’t believe a word of it. Republicans are fighting for smaller government.

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