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Looking the Other Way

Posted on April 21, 2009

Looking the Other Way


         For those who expected that the Democrats would transform themselves into the most ethical group of politicians in history, I have got some news for you.  Not gonna happen!


         Further evidence of this fact came when the Labor Department moved to get rid of a regulation that was aimed rooting out financial corruption of Big Labor.


         The New Labor Department decided that there was no need to keep an eye on the unions, because, let’s face it, there is no corruption there.  No, can’t find any corruption in the Labor movement.  Nothing to see here.  Let’s just move on.


         I am sure that the decision of the Obama Administration had nothing to do with Labor’s momentous efforts to buy the election for the Democrats, from money that came from millions of workers who can ill-afford to give political contribution to politicians, but are forced to by their big Labor bosses.


According to the AP:  “Labor Department figures show that investigations of union fraud from 2001-2008 resulted in more than 1,000 indictments, with 929 convictions and court-ordered restitution of more than $93 million.”


Democrats have shown that, instead of being a breath of fresh air, they are practicing the politics of the past. 


Eric Holder, the new Attorney General, helped to start the process by ordering his constitutional scholars to rule that the D.C. Statehood bill was constitutional when they wanted to declare that it isn’t (which it clearly is not).  Then, he took the opportunity to pretty much fire the Office of Public Integrity in the wake of the Stevens debacle.  Who knows if he did that because of the various probes into Mr. Obama’s Congressional allies.


Speaking of Congressional allies, the problems of John Murtha, Bennie Thompson, Jane Harman continue to embarrass the Democrats and their leadership. 


I am certain that the Democrats would wish that all of these scandals would just go away.  And they are taking action, not by getting rid of the scandals, but instead by getting rid of those pesky people who investigate them.  

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