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Live Fearlessly

Posted on June 27, 2012

Two kinds of people live fearlessly.

Those who have everything and those who have nothing.

Fitzgerald was right.  Rich people are different.  They see possibilities that we can’t see because they have the resources to make things happen.  They don’t have to worry about making people mad because they can hire lawyers.  They don’t have to worry about taking risks because they have a huge safety line should they fall.  It’s called money.

Those with nothing have nothing to lose.

And if you have nothing to lose, you can do anything you want to get what you want.

A friend of mine who works at small shop had her iPhone stolen right in front of her.  The burglar just walked in, took it, and walked out.

He didn’t worry about the consequences if he got caught.  He didn’t care about his physical safety.  He didn’t have a fear in the world.

Now, living fearlessly is not always a good thing.  Having a proper respect for risk is altogether appropriate.  Wasting money is never smart.  Stealing somebody’s property is wrong.

But people who live fearlessly have a lot going for them.

They see not the risks but the opportunities.  They don’t look down when they are on on the high-wire.   They don’t even think about looking down. They just keep walking.

Politicians live fearlessly in one sense.  They run for office, which to me is a wonderful case of self-delusion.

But after they gain office, all too often, they start living fearfully.  They stop taking tough votes or making tough decisions, because they are worried about losing their jobs.

We need more of our politicians to live fearlessly.

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