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Left-Wing Coup

Posted on October 17, 2008



            I am not much of a conspiracy theory guy, but I am starting to wonder about this Presidential election.


            Barack Obama is the most liberal Presidential candidate ever put forward by a Presidential party.  He makes Henry Wallace look conservative.  He lives in a city that is best known for its political corruption.  He espouses the redistribution of wealth or as he likes to put it, he wants to “spread the wealth around.”  He takes radical position on abortion.  He campaigned on the idea that we should quickly pull our troops out of an ongoing war, basically calling for our surrender. 


            Obama’s political resume is “thin” as the Washington Post put it.  He associations with radicals who have expressed a hatred for America, on the other hand, is deep.  His first campaign event was held at the home of a radical who in 2001 said that he wished he had set off more bombs in America.  He worked with that radical on a so-called education reform project that took money from sorely-needed projects and spent them on an African-centric curricula that was aimed at increasing self-esteem.  He spent 20 years going to the church of a pastor who preached the virtues of black separatism, the vices of white America, and once said “God Damned America” and said that the terrorist attacks of 9/11 were an example of the chicken coming home to roost. 


            As a state Senator, Obama was best known for playing poker with some buddies and for voting present more than 130 times.  He won his first race by challenging the petitions of his opponent.  He won his Senate primary race because his chief opponent had a messy divorce.  He won his Senate race, because his chief opponent also had a messy divorce.


            As soon as arrived in the Senate, he plotted out how he would be President. 


            He took on the front-runner in the primary, Hillary Clinton, by appealing to the left wing base.  He also was the beneficiary of a media assault on Mrs. Clinton.  When I talk to Clinton campaign people, even to this day, they are still amazed at how the media took the early primaries away from her and gave them to Obama.  The media even accused Bill Clinton of being a racist (as did members of the Obama team).


            The media assault on Obama’s general election opponent has been relentless.    It started with a false accusation of a non-existent affair with a lobbyist, and went downhill from there.  Ever little mistake that McCain made was examined on the front pages, while every big mistake that Obama made was buried or ignored completely.    This is best exemplified by the coverage of Sarah Palin and Joe Biden.  Biden’s gaffes are laughed off as Joe being Joe.  Palin’s every utterance is condemned by reporters as either racist or idiotic. 


When was the last time you saw a video of Jerermiah Wright on the network news?  When was the last time you saw a balanced story about Obama’s past associations?  When was the last time you saw a real examination of Obama’s work with Chicago Annenberg Challenge? 


            Now, we are two weeks from election day, and the country seems poised to elect the most liberal and least experienced person ever to the most powerful job in the world. 


            I am not conspiracy theory kind of guy, but if I were, I would call this a left-wing coup.  

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