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Keep It Clean

Posted on September 22, 2008



            The Congress is getting their greasy hands on the Treasury Secretary pristine plan to bail us out of the biggest financial crisis to hit this country in eight decades. 


            I have a simple message for them:  Keep it clean.


            Don’t add stuff on there that should be fought at a later date.


            I don’t like when CEO’s are paid millions of dollars to fail.  But that shouldn’t be on here.  Keep it clean.


            I too think that Main Street should get some economic relief.  But not on this bill.  Not now.  Keep it clean.


            Yes, we need greater oversight and better oversight of Wall Street.  Yes, hedge funds need to come clean.  Yes, I want to go after all those bastards who stole money from the taxpayers.  But keep this bill clean.


            Yes, we need to think about how we do real estate in this country.  Yes, Fannie and Freddie screwed us.  Yes, we have too many mandates that direct too many banks to give too many loans to too many people who will never pay the loans back.  Yes, this kind of government interference is a bad for the economy.  Yes, we are all in trouble because of it. 


            But let’s fight that in a different bill.  Let’s keep this bill clean.


            Yes, John McCain has an excellent idea on his new policy thing.  Yes, we should really think about this longer term.  Yes, I hear you on that, but on this bill, let’s just keep it clean.


            Guys, not sure if you are all aware of this, but the sky is falling.  Yes, it is actually falling.  So let’s keep this damn bill clean.


            You, you can talk all you want.  Yes, you can complain about Wall Street bailouts all you want.


            But keep one thing in mind, this isn’t a Wall Street bailout.  This is a Main Street bailout.  Without capitol, all the Main Street banks don’t loan any money to anybody.


            That means the local manufacturer can’t get money to make the payroll.  That means the local store can’t open its doors.  That means that Main Street shuts down.  That means we are all screwed.


            So spare me the speeches.  Spare me the pontificating.  Spare me the special interest provisions.  Spare me the political opportunism.


            Keep this damn bill clean.  Keep it clean. 

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