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Joe Biden

Posted on September 7, 2008

Joe Biden


            According to Joe Biden, Joe Biden is the reason that we are finally winning in Iraq.


            It wasn’t the surge at all.  It was Biden’s partition plan that has secretly been implemented by the Iraqis from the ground up.


            Nope, the fact that our troops went in there and helped bring order to the place really had very little to do with it.


            That is what Biden said today on Meet the Press to an incredulous Tom Brokaw.


            This is what happens when you start serving in the Senate from the age of 30.  You start believing your own press clippings.  You start thinking that you are the bees knees, and that you are the reason the sun comes up in the East and goes down in West.


            You start believing that the votes you make create jobs and cure the common cold.  You are the reason that the economy grows and that people get health care. 


            Yep, when you have been in the Senate for 36 years, it is all about you.


            Biden likes to pass himself off as a common man, just an Irish Catholic kid from Scranton.  Of course, he was just a kid from Scranton, he would be representing Pennsylvania and not Delaware, but I digress.


            But it is hard to have that common touch when you have been in the Senate for your entire professional career.  Biden likes to talk about how he goes home every night on Amtrak, how he knows all the people on the train, how they like him because he is just a normal guy.


            Of course, taking Amtrak every day gets pretty expensive.  It’s nice to have the government pick up the tab for those trips.  But that is what old common Joe does.


            Biden is a true Washington insider, as Brokaw pointed out in his interview, an insider who has taken millions of dollars in campaign contributions from lobbyists.  Nothing wrong with that, unless of course, your running mate condemns the practice at almost every single campaign event, which Obama does. 


            Today’s performance on Meet the Press was mind-numbingly depressing.  Biden couldn’t and wouldn’t admit that he was wrong on the surge.  Every question Brokaw asked, Biden dodged.  It was a performance of a typical politician. 


            If Sarah Palin can be direct and honest when she meets the press, she will be refreshing change of pace from the double-talk coming from her opponent, Joe Biden.


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