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It’s Mitt

Posted on November 6, 2012

I endorse Mitt Romney for President.

I make my endorsement rather late in the process, because unlike the New York Times or the Washington Post, I didn’t want my endorsement of Mitt Romney to influence how you vote.

I want you to make up your own mind.

Voting is a very personal experience.   Who you vote for is really your business.  I won’t pry.  And if you disagree with my endorsement, well, hey, it’s a free country.

Mitt Romney would be a better President than Barack Obama.

He would be a better manager of the economy.  He would be a better manager of the federal government.  He would be a better negotiator with Congress.  He would be cheaper with the taxpayers’ money.   He would be more of an adult.

On foreign policy, he would be clearer in defining our national interests when it comes to foreign affairs.  He wouldn’t lead from behind.

That being said, once Romney becomes President, he needs to tone down his more bellicose language.  Invading or attacking Iran is not what a broke country needs to do right now.  A trade war with China would be bad for our economy and just might push the Chinese economy over the brink into a terrible recession, which would be even worse for our big companies like Boeing and Caterpillar.

I am a Republican who works in Washington, so a Romney victory would probably be good for me personally.  But I also think it would be good for the country.

I voted against Barack Obama four years ago, and I am happy to vote against him again this time around.

I appreciate the historic nature of his Presidency, and I am glad that we have broken that racial barrier.  But Mr. Obama hasn’t done much to ease racial tensions.  His Administration has doubled down on affirmative action policies.  He hasn’t said one word about the blood bath that has engulfed his home town of Chicago.  He backed his friend Skip Gates over a Boston cop, calling the cop “stupid.”  He weighed in on the Trayvon Martin affair.   His Justice Department has sued big businesses with a suspect legal theory called “disparate impact,” all in the hopes of getting more money for organizations like ACORN.

Obama has also doubled down on class warfare.  Instead of calling for shared sacrifice, he demands that only one segment of the population pay more.  This fixation on the rich has scared the business sector, making it more difficult for job creators to create jobs.

Obama took his eye off the ball when it comes to economic growth by focusing first on health care.  What a disaster!  By creating an additional entitlement, he put the nation on weaker financial footing.  By raiding Medicare to help pay for it, he put that program in worse fiscal shape.  By putting all kinds of mandates on small businesses, he created greater uncertainty on that engine of job creation.

Obama has been terrible when it comes to negotiating with Congress, especially in the last two years.  Nothing has happened.  He failed to conclude a grand bargain when he tried to raise the ante on taxes at the last minute.  He almost let the country go into default by taking hard line on the debt ceiling.  And under his leadership, he helped to create this fiscal cliff that the country is preparing to jump from.

The President has been an excellent campaigner and his campaign is top-notch.  Sadly, that is all he has to offer.

At the end of day, a President is judged on results.  This President hasn’t delivered much, in my view, except for greater vitriol, greater economic uncertainty, bigger government, and a much bigger debt.

It is time for a change.  That is why I am endorsing Mitt Romney for President.

Now go and vote.

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