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In Your Face

Posted on June 5, 2013

Let me get this straight.

The person who told bald-faced lies on national television on behalf of the President is now the person who will be in charge of giving the President his daily security advice?

Doesn’t that seem odd to you.  It seems odd to me.

Susan Rice lied about what happened in Benghazi on national television.  It doesn’t really matter if they were lies manufactured by her or by somebody else in the Obama Administration, but they were lies nonetheless.

She lied because she (or they) was trying to protect the Obama Administration in the closing days of the Presidential campaign.

She blamed the attacks on the consulate in Libya on a weird video that nobody had seen in area.

She said it on a bunch of Sunday shows, despite the fact that almost everybody within the national security operation of the White House almost certainly knew that what she was saying was pure fiction.

And now she has a promotion to work in the White House.

Some might say that going from Ambassador of the United Nations to be the National Security Advisor is at best a lateral move.  That’s not true.

Power works this way in Washington.  The closer you are to the President geographically, the more power you have.  Moving down from New York City, from the cesspool known as the United Nations, to become the NSA is a big-time promotion.

And she got that promotion not because she is some genius who has a sophisticated knowledge of international affairs.  By all accounts, she was seen as a bully at the U.N., and not a particularly effective diplomat.

That was the real reason that she didn’t get the job at the State Department.

She is no Kissinger or Brzezinski or Scowcroft.

She is a friend of the Obama’s.  She is a friend who is more than willing to go out on national television and lie with great aplomb to help the President.

James Carville, the always quotable former political strategist for Bill Clinton, called the appointment of Rice to this new position an “in your face” pick.

In your face, indeed.  In all of our faces.

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