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Hugging Hugo

Posted on April 19, 2009

Hugging Hugo


            The pictures over the weekend were pretty incredible.


            There was President Barack Obama and the dictator Hugo Chavez hugging for the cameras. 


            Chavez is not just a well-known American hater.  He is a thug, a despot, a likely murderer, and a follower of Fidel Castro.  He likes to screw with our allies, like the Columbians, he cavorts with drug cartels, and he likes to support anybody who hates the United States.


            Like Fidel Castro, Hugo has taken on a larger than life persona.  He is every bit the thug, but somehow, the American left gives him a pass.  Joe Kennedy embarrassingly fawned over him in a bunch of commercials when Chavez, in a publicity ploy meant to embarrass the US, gave cheap heating oil to the Northeast. 


            Like Che Gueverra, Chavez has little regard for America, but is held up as a hero by America’s left.  Like most heroes of the American left, Chavez is no fan of democratic thought.  He hates a free media.  He despises the free market.  He subverts whatever governing institutions that used to rule Venuzuela.


            And there was our President, smiling and hugging Mr. Chavez.


            We don’t know much about Mr. Obama.  We know that he has a nice family and a nice smile.  We know that he traveled around the world before getting into politics.  We know that his mother was a hippie and his father was a radical.  We know that he is the most inexperienced President in our nation’s history.  We know that he won because he has a superior campaign apparatus, a frustrated American public, and a weak field to beat.


            We know that he has big plans to grow the size and power of the federal government.  We know that he wants to tax the rich.  We know that he wants have a dramatic government takeover of the health, energy, financial services, and almost any other industry that you can think of.


            And now we know that he considers Hugo Chavez to be a friend, and if not a friend, well, at least, an amusing sort of chap.


            But Mr. Chavez is not an amusing sort of chap.  He is a thug, a tyrant, and a really bad guy.  That picture spoke more than a thousand words, and we should all be very concerned about what it really means. 

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