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Hillary Clinton: Patriot

Posted on August 26, 2008



            It is interesting to watch the parallels between the John McCain and Hillary Clinton in their campaigns against Barack Obama.  They both are clearly contemptuous of Obama.  Neither thinks he can handle the job of President.  And both wanted to run against the other, for the good of the country.


            That Clinton and McCain respect one another is beyond doubt.  That they both disrespect Obama and his johnny-come-lately campaign is also beyond.


            It must give McCain special pleasure to use Hillary’s words against Obama.  And it wouldn’t surprise me if Hillary gets a little smile from the ads herself.


            Watching her team fan out in Denver and deliver pin-point attacks against the Obama campaign has been a fascinating thing to watch.  James Carville descries the lack of a message on opening night (when the opening night was clearly delivered by Michelle Obama).  Paul Begala urges Obama to go on the attack, basically challenging his manhood if he doesn’t.  Howard Wolfson slyly gives tough analysis on Fox News, only weeks after stating that if John Edwards had dropped out of the race, his candidate would have been the nominee.  Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell compares Obama to two-time loser Adlai Stevenson.


            And then there is Bill Clinton.  Clinton has tried to consistently undercut Obama, suggesting that he isn’t ready to be President.   And now he won’t bother showing up at the Obama lovefest at Invesco Field.


            This is not an accident, my friends. 


            The Clinton family has no intention of allowing Barack Obama to become President.  It is my belief that Hillary Clinton is doing this not out of personal greed or personal spite.  She is doing this out of patriotism.


            She simply does not believe that Barack Obama is ready to be President.


            He doesn’t have the experience.  He doesn’t have the know-how.  He doesn’t have the leadership abilities.  


            She said as much during the primary campaign.  And she still believes it.


            She has done vodka shots with John McCain in Russia (a country we may be going to war with any day now).  She knows the stuff he is made of.


            Her speech tonight to the convention lacked any passion, but said all the right things for so-called Democratic unity.


            But her skepticism about Obama is not hers alone.  It is shared by many who voted for her in the primary.  Her words tonight will do little convince them otherwise.


            The Clinton brigades will stand down in the coming fight in November.  They will continue to chirp from the sidelines, casting doubt on Obama’s leadership abilities.  But their heart will not be in it, and at the end of the day, John McCain will win.


            That is how Hillary Clinton wants it, because at the end of day, when that phone does ring at 3 a.m., she would rather have John McCain answer the call, not Barack Obama.

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