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Feliz Navidad from Fidel

Posted on November 13, 2009

According to the Associated Press (and I am not making this up), Cuba’s dictator loves Barack Obama. Fidel Castro appears to have a fascination with the American leader that would make Obama Girl jealous, writing obsessively not only about his politics, but of his youth and vigor.And unlike with past American heads-of-state — he slammed President George W. Bush as a genocidal drunk — Castro seems to genuinely like the fresh face in Washington.”

And what is not to like, from Castro’s perspective. Obama seems to have the deep distrust of the free-market system that Castro has. Obama seems intent on relaxing trade restrictions with Cuba, and of course, that strengthens Castro’s grip on the Cuban people. And Obama shares Castro’s antipathy towards the American military’s use of Gitmo.

Gitmo has been a thorn in the side of Castro since the Bay of Pigs. He would love to see it closed down once and for all.

Apparently, so would Obama. He is so upset that Greg Craig, his chief legal counsel, hasn’t yet found a way to close down the Gitmo prison, that he fired him. Craig was a key member of the Obama campaign, someone who betrayed his Clinton pals to serve in a top role of the winning side. But, he couldn’t find a way, either legally or politically, to get the Islamic terrorists housed as the Bay’s prison transferred somewhere else. So, now he has been force to resign, in humiliating fashion.

Obama so hate the military tribunals and the idea of having justice served in Castro’s backyard, that he is going to have the mastermind of 9/11 tried in a civilian court in the backyard of families of thousands of victims of the September 11th attacks.

I don’t know if the President’s men know this, but Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is not your run-of-the-mill murderer. He is not a common criminal. He is not only a prisoner of war, he is also a war criminal. And, I hate to tell the President’s guys this, but we didn’t apprehend this guy through the Marquess of Queensbury Rules. Who knows what a civilian judge is going to find to be admissible or not. Are we going to have compromise our nation’s national security to put this guy in prison?

And guess what? This guy has plenty of really nasty friends who might just want to pull some shenanigans right outside the New York City court room, where this trial is going to be. I don’t like how this is unfolding. Not at all.

But you know who seems to be happy? Yep, that old dictator, Fidel Castro. Castro hated George Bush. He hated Ronald Reagan. But he seems to like Barack Obama, just fine.

Somehow, I would prefer our Presidents to be permanently banned from Castro Christmas Card list. I actually think that President Obama will get a Feliz Navidad from the dictator from Havana.

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