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Expect The Unexpected

Posted on February 3, 2009

Expect the Unexpected


            I guess the Obama Adminstration didn’t expect so many of their Cabinet choices to have so many problems.


            The media didn’t expect Tom Daschle to quit his quest to be Obama’s health care guru, chiefly because he didn’t pay his taxes.


            The Finance Committee didn’t expect to hear that Tim Geithner, the man who would oversee the IRS, didn’t pay his taxes.


            The American people certainly didn’t expect to hear that the man who writes the tax code, Charlie Rangel, didn’t pay his taxes.


            Nobody expected that the elections in Iraq would be as boring or make as little news as they did yesterday.


            Democrats didn’t expect every Republican in the House to vote against their horrible spending bill. 


            The media didn’t expect that the House Republicans to be right, and that the Senate would have to largely rewrite the bad bill pushed through by Nancy Pelosi and David Obey.


            Nobody expected the Obama Administration to hire so many lobbyists after it said it wouldn’t hire any.


            Senate Republicans certainly didn’t expect Judd Gregg to be the next Commerce Secretary.


            People not in the know certainly didn’t expect Bill Richardson to be shut out of any cabinet office (people in the know certainly knew something wasn’t right about New Mexico’s Governor).


            Bill Clinton certainly didn’t expect his wife to Secretary of State.


            John Roberts certainly didn’t expect to screw up the Oath of Office that he administered to the new President. 


            Robert Gibbs certainly didn’t expect the press to turn on him as quickly as they have.


            No casual observer expected the economy to completely tank.  Now, nobody expects it to recover.


            Life is full of surprises.  I hope the Obama Administration is ready for them.