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Drinking Game

Posted on October 29, 2008

Drinking Game


            Barack Obama has bought a half hour of prime network time tonight to give the voters one last chance to look at him as a Presidential candidate.


            I have an idea:  Each time Obama proposes a program that will expand government by a billion dollars, take a drink.  My guess is that you will be pretty drunk in the first fifteen minutes, and completely bombed by the end of the program.


            Speaking of drunk, the Obama Democrats are already drunk on power, and they haven’t even won yet.


            They have planned a transition, written an inaugural speech, ordered the drapes, hired the movers.  They have done everything but win an election.


            And it is not clear to me that Obama will win.  The polls are closing and Bill McInturff’s memo has completely freaked out the media.


            By buying this much ad time, Obama puts the spotlight right back on himself.  If he comes into everyone’s living room tonight and starts bashing McCain, the Obama-show will be a flop. 


            But if he chooses to outlines his policies for the American people, he also faces great risk.  A half-hour is a long time to dance around the fact that his plans represent a sharp break away from free-market capitalism, a philosophy that has served the country pretty well for the last couple of hundred years.


            That the Obama show is brought to you by one of his most spectacular broken promises is symbolic of this campaign in general.  Obama lied when he said that he would take public financing.  Of course, once he discovered that he didn’t need no stinkin public financing, he ditched it like a piece of used tissue.  The Obama show is a stark reminder of his broken promise, since it is his excess campaign funds that made this event possible.  What other promises will he break?


            My guess is that his next broken promise will come with his plans on taxes.  He first promised that if you made less than $250,000, you would see a tax cut.  Then he said that if you made less that $200,000, you would see a tax cut.  Joe Biden let slip that the actually number is $150,000.  That number is sinking faster than housing prices in Orange County!


            Obama and the Democrats have gambled that the American people are so drunk with rage at the George Bush and Republicans that would voter for just about anybody.


            Will independent voters and Reagan Democrats sober up in time to make the more responsible vote?  Some polls seem to show that may be the case.


            In the meantime, stay tuned.  And if you are going to watch the Obama show tonight, make sure you play the Obama drinking game.  If for no other reason, it will get you good and drunk in about a half hour or less.

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