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Dems in Chaos

Posted on February 12, 2009

Dems in Chaos


            Will Rogers once said that he was a member of no organized political party.  He was a Democrat.


            It is good to see that not much has changed with the Democrats.


            They are a mess.

            Just ask Judd Gregg.  He took one look and said see ya later.  


            Apparently, Harry Reid did a press conference on the stimulus “compromise” before Nancy Pelosi was ready to sign off on the deal.  You have to love a good jam-job.  Pelosi is apparently furious, despite her smiles for the camera.


            Blue-dogs are furious at Pelosi because she won’t let them see the bill.  In fact, they were supposed to vote on it this afternoon, but the vote has been put off because of an insurrection.


            Tim Geithner’s performance after his first couple of weeks as Treasury Secretary has already inspired the back-stabbers in the White House to go after him.  Larry Summers, who rarely, if ever, plays nice with anybody, is already keeping him out of key economic policy meetings.


            Fingers are pointing all over the place about the problems with Tom Daschle.  Who did the vetting?  Who is to blame for this public relations catastrophe?  The woman who was slated to be Daschle’s number two at HHS, has resigned.  She basically threw her hands up in disgust.


            Our new President made a big splash about picking so-called high power members of his cabinet.  The conventional wisdom was that while they might be a “team of rivals”, they would somehow become more mellow because they are working for President Mellow.  Well, the rivals are proving to be just that.  Rivals. 


And, President Mellow is proving that he is not so mellow.  He went off on the Republicans about their intransigence.  But it is hard to blame Republicans for voting against a bill that is proving to be a loser with more and more Americans.


The stimulus bill itself is a mess.  It is a mish-mash of spending from the Democratic wish-list and it will most likely fail to create the four million jobs promised by President Mellow.  But the stimulus is a perfect symbol of the Democratic Party:  It costs a lot, it will fail to live up to promise, and it seeks to please many interest groups except for one:  the taxpayer.  In other words, it is a perfect mess.