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Democrats Aren’t Doing So Good

Posted on November 16, 2009
The Ways and Means Committee released some startling statistics about the performance of the country ever since Speaker Pelosi took over the gavel. It is as if Pelosi has taken that gavel and whacked the national economy over the head for the last four years.

Look at these troubling numbers:

Before After Change
The number of employed: 137 million 130 million -5%
The number of unemployed: 7 million 15.7 million +123%
Long term unemployed: 1.1 million 5.6 million +397%
Unemployment rate: 4.6% 10.2% +122%
High unemployment states: 4 47 +1075%
Misery Index 6.7% 8.5% +27%
People in Poverty 36.5 million 39.9 million +9%
Poverty Rate 12.3% 13.2% +7%
Price of Gas $2.24 $2.55 +14%
Monthly Family Food Cost $848 $939 +11%
Median Value Single Family Home $222,000 $178,000 -20%
Mortgage Delinquencies 2% 9% +358%
Federal Budget Deficit $248 billion $1417 billion +471%
Federal Spending $2.7 trillion $3.5 trillion +33%
Federal Revenue $2.4 trillion $2.1 trillion -13%
U.S. National Debt $8.7 trillion $12.0 trillion +38%
Dow Jones Average 12,275 10,270 -18%

Of course, you can’t blame everything on Nancy Pelosi. A politician only has a certain amount of power over the national economy.

But, the fact of the matter is that sometimes a coach gets fired for not winning, even if the coach did everything right. Sometimes, a CEO gets fired for poor performance, even if that CEO did everything by the book.

Democrats haven’t done everything right though. In fact, you can make the case that they have done everything wrong, especially when it comes to fiscal management, spending and taxes.

The Democrats aren’t doing too good. They ought to be fired.

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