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Democratic Overconfidence

Posted on July 9, 2008

The Presidential campaign of Barack Obama, with its faux Presidential seal, its transition office planning, its big-stadium plans, has exhibited all of the signs of an overconfident front-runner.


            Democrats across the country, and especially in Washington, are taking this example from the Obama campaign and they are running it. 


            A perfect example is the efforts by some big-money Democrats to take out one of the best members of the Congress, David Dreier.


            According to the LA Times political blog,  Silicon Valley entrepreneur Mark Gorenberg, and Pacific Palisades investor Thomas Unterman each gave $5,000 to an outfit called the Courage Campaign in order to oust Dreier.”

            Ain’t going to happen.

            According to Public Opinion Strategies, Dreier’s district is comfortably Republican, with the GOP having a two-touchdown lead in voter registration, even in these tough times for the Grand Old Party.   Dreier himself is leading his opponent, Russ Warner, by close to 20 points.

            The popular Republican also has a ten to one money advantage over the less known Democrat.

            Democrats have been attempting to expand the playing field because they believe they can win anywhere.

            But they can’t win in Dreier’s district, and when they spend their money on these kinds of losing causes, you know they are getting cocky.

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