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Conservative Is Not An Ideology

Posted on December 2, 2008



                        The dictionary definition of conservative is the following: “Favoring traditional views and values; tending to oppose change.  Traditional or restrained in style: a conservative dark suit.  Moderate; cautious: a conservative estimate.”


                        Conservative is not an ideology.  It is a practical way to living life.


                        Neo-conservative is not conservative.  Compassionate conservative is not conservative. 


                        They are both efforts to make an ideology of being conservative.  But conservative is not an ideology.  It is a timeless way to face the future.


                        There have been many efforts over the years to make conservative an ideology.


                        Hitler, for example, tried to invoke Germany’s heroic past as a way to inspire the German people to follow his leadership.  Mussolini tried the same thing. 


                        But they weren’t conservatives.  They were ideologues.


                        Conservatives do have some trepidation about too much change, because they believe that there is some wisdom in the last two thousand years of human development.


                        American conservatives have faith in the U.S. Constitution, because, let’s face it, it has worked pretty well over the last couple of centuries.


                        Conservative is not an ideology.  It is an attitude toward governance.  It is skeptical of hair-brained spending schemes.  It is, by its very nature, frugal, especially with the taxpayer’s hard earned money.  Yes, it believes in a strong moral foundation, but it also appreciates the liberties that are protected in the Constitution.


                        Conservative is practical.  It doesn’t examine its navel when things need to get done.  Conservative is prepared for war so that we can stay at peace.


                        Conservative is not an ideology.  Some people think conservative is an ideology that counters socialism or Marxism.  But conservative doesn’t need to counter Marxism or socialism.  They will die of their own accord, because they are impractical and do not work.


                        But conservative does work because it venerates things that work.


                        Conservative and moderate are synonyms.  So why are more moderates voting with ideologues on the left?  Because for too many people, including many so-called conservatives, conservative has become an ideology.


                        Conservative is not an ideology.  It is practical way to govern, especially now….


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