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Christmas in Frankfort

Posted on December 25, 2008

Christmas in Frankfort


            We are having a great Christmas holiday.  My son Jack, who is still getting used to the idea of Christmas, didn’t wake up until 7:30 am, which is about an hour later than usual.  His cousins, DJ and Riley (both are older and wiser) were up an hour earlier, waiting with feverous anticipation for permission to open the loot left by the fat bearded man in the red suit. 


            Santa seemed to enjoy his snack the night before, and he hit not only brother Brian’s house (where we are staying), but also brother Jim’s house.  James put the footage of his kids’ Christmas on YouTube, which we were able to watch on DJ’s new Playstation 3.


            Not gonna kid you.  The Playstation 3 is pretty darn cool.  It gives you amazing games (like Madden 09), Internet Access, and BlueRay.   It was through the Internet access that we were able to watch the Feeherys of Elmhurst Christmas morning.  Santa is fat because he eats all the cookies laid out for him, apparently.


            Talking about fat, Brother Brian and Sister-in-law Aimee cooked a massive brunch, with lots of bacon, corned beef hash, eggs, Mimosas, eggs, waffles, the whole nine yards.  Jack stuck with a diet heavy on bacon (taking after his father) and seemed content to eat only a small portion of waffle.


            We feasted and then did a weigh-in for our new tradition, a new family version of Biggest Loser.  I have the most to lose in this competition and I am hopeful that my competitive juices help me shed needed weight.


            It is fun to spend Christmas with family and with little kids.  Christmas is made for kids of all ages, but Christmas gives adults a good excuse to play with kids stuff.  Brother Brian’s brother-in-law Jordan and I have dominated play on the Playstation 3, for example. 


            Jack, while perhaps not understanding all the implications of Santa Claus, understands the concept of loot.  Last night, his Uncle Tom and Aunt Rosalee gave him a toy guitar, which he insisted on sleeping with until it was forcibly removed in the name of sleep and Santa.  This morning, he has alternated play between a toy saw and a toy train set, all of which make a good deal of noise.  He likes noise. 


            I hope you all have a Christmas of childhood wonder filled with family, friends and feasts.  And tomorrow, let us prepare for the New Year, ready to tackle debt and a diet. 


            Merry Christmas to all!


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