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Chicago Doesn’t Have Time for Washington’s Problems

Posted on August 4, 2014
Chicago sunrise 1.jpg

"Chicago sunrise 1" by Daniel Schwen - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Washington might as well be a whole different country.

That’s how the folks in Chicago view the Capital City.

Not whole different country like France or China.

More like Great Britain right around 1776.

A whole other country that doesn’t do much for you other than take your tax dollars to pay for wars that you don’t want to fight, to pay for programs you don’t want to pay for, and for burgeoning government that you don’t particularly respect.

Chicago has its own set of unique problems.

Both the Cubs and White Sox are a disappointment.

Violence in Chicago is out of control.  Aside from the gang bangers who routinely spray bullets at each other, you have gruesome stories of depravity.  Like the group of white teenagers who murdered, mutilated and then partied atop two black men.  Or the disgruntled employee who shot the CEO.

Traffic is always a mess in Chicago.

The Chicago Public Schools are a basket-case.  Not as bad as they once were, but pretty bad.

If you are a cop or a teacher (or former teacher), you are worried about your pensions and you don’t like the Mayor.  If you are tired of paying high taxes to keep funding these pensions, you don’t like the Mayor.  If you are black, you don’t like the Mayor.

It is hard to be Mayor.

With these major problems facing the City That Works, they don’t have time for the nonsense that engulfs Washington.

They got their own problems.

They don’t want to think about Washington’s problems.

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