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Change I Can’t Believe In

Posted on February 26, 2009

Change I Can’t Believe in



So let me get this straight.


            The Democrats, led by our new President, Mr. Obama, want to put a big tax on utilities.


            They want to do that in order to compel the utilities to pollute less.


            Now the utilities, being utilities, will pass the additional costs onto its ratepayers.


            The Democrats know this, so they are going to give a subsidy to people who can’t afford the higher utility bills.


            So, what the Democrats envision is just another way to get at the people who play by the rules and pay their bills.


            They are proposing the same basic thing when it comes to housing.


            If you fall behind in your mortgage or took out a mortgage you can’t afford, or live way beyond your means, you will get helped by the Democrats in the Congress.


            But if you play by the rules, if you are responsible with your money, if you live within your means, you get nothing.  Well, you get higher taxes, and higher interest rates if you want to buy another house, but beyond that, you get bumpkus.


            And of course, when it comes to the issue of taxes, the Obama plan is really something else.


            If you do well, you will get taxed hard.  Really hard.


            If you give money to charities, your contribution won’t mean as much.  That means that charities will get smacked even harder.


            If you did happen to buy your dream house, well, the Democrats are going to scale back your mortgage deduction.  Yep, what the economy really needs now if more incentives for people not to buy a new house.


            And if you make too much money, they will increase your donation to the government substantially.


            All of this is aimed to reversing the American dream.  If you play by the rules, spend within your means, be responsible with your money, and if by chance, you do well, you will be punished by the Obama Administration.  If, on the other hand, you spend well beyond your means, if you decide not to pay your mortgage, if you can’t pay your bills on time, if you are irresponsible with your money, you will get a bailout. 


            Hard work is rewarded with higher taxes.  Irresponsibility is rewarded with a bailout. 


            Is that the kind of change we can all believe in? 

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