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Buying a Car

Posted on November 2, 2009
Buying A Car

Let’s say that your car is constantly breaking down and you know that you have to buy a new one because you need a car to get to work.

You just bought a house, you have some credit card debt, and you are worried about the economy and you are not too certain that your job will be there next year.

And now, let’s say you have a choice between two cars.

One car does the job. It looks fine. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but it does get good gas mileage and it is dependable.

The other car is very, very expensive. Consumer Reports says it breaks down frequently, and the repairs are also very expensive. It is a bigger car, so it might fit more people. But because some members of the family love the brand-name, they are putting pressure on you to buy the car you can’t afford.

Which car do you buy?

Well, if you are a Democrat, you pick the more expensive car. At least, that is what they are doing when it comes to health care.

Their plan is frightfully expensive. They say it is revenue-neutral, but they are lying. It requires huge taxes to pay for it.

Their health care plan has a bad track record when it comes to delivering services. Who really thinks that government does a good job of serving customers? Who thinks it does good job of curbing waste, fraud and abuse? Who thinks that government-run health care will not lead to rationing or worse?

If you are a Republican, you buy the cheaper car.

They have offered a health plan that costs far less to deliver. Their plan uses market-force to drive down costs. It tears down the state by state monopoly to give consumers more power to get a better deal. It allows small business to pool together nationally to give them power to bargain with insurance companies. It also takes on medical malpractice lawsuits, which will lower health care premiums.

The Republican’s car is not only cheaper; it works better.

So, what car would you buy? Well, like Republicans, you would buy the cheaper one, if you had any sense of financial responsibility.

And that is why Speaker Pelosi is unlikely to allow a vote on the cheaper plan. She wants the House of Representatives to either vote for the expensive car or for no car at all.

She would rather have the country walk on health care than to have the Congress make the responsible choice.

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