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Brett Favre, Chuck Woolery Stump in Mississippi

Posted on June 20, 2014
Mississippi-StateSeal.svgOriginally posted on on June 20, 2014

The Mississippi Senate race has come down to Chuck Woolery vs. Brett Favre.

Mr. Woolery, a Hollywood icon who has been married four times and a born-again conservative, is leading a bus tour on behalf of Republican challenger Chris McDaniel. (Mr. Woolery has also sold his own line of bass fishing equipment on QVC.)

Mr. Favre, meanwhile, just cut a Chamber of Commerce ad for incumbent Sen. Thad Cochran. Born in Gulfport, Mr. Favre was a star at Southern Mississippi before making football history with the Green Bay Packers, among other teams. (He has also been known to sell Wrangler blue jeans.)

It’s no surprise that Mr. McDaniel would call in outside reinforcements. His biggest outside supporter is the Club for Growth, which is primarily funded by Peter Thiel, the San Francisco-based hedge fund libertarian.

Nor is it a surprise that the Cochran team would call on a Mississippi native. The state’s political establishment is all-in for Thad Cochran, understanding the value he brings to Mississippi. This isn’t just an ideological exercise for Mr. Favre, who mentioned in his ad Sen. Cochran’s work for Mississippi in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. His home state really needed help.

Mr. Woolery famously ended his relationship with “Wheel of Fortune,” handing over the franchise to Pat Sajak.  It’s not clear who Mr. Sajak, another prominent Republican, is supporting in the Mississippi Senate runoff.