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Blues Brothers

Posted on May 21, 2009

Blues Brothers


            “We are on a mission from God.”   That was the first thing that crossed my mind when I got an early call this morning from a friend who works in the national security arena.


            The friend tipped me off that the President is going to announce in the next couple of days that those terrorists who are now housed at Guantanomo Bay will be shipped off to an abandoned prison in Illinois.


            I wonder if they are going to the old Joliet Prison, the home of Jake and Elwood Blues, from the movie “Blue Brothers”.   Like the terrorists, Jake and Elwood were on a mission from God.  Their mission was to raise enough money to save their grade school.


            The terrorists, praying to a different God, have received a different mission.  Kill Americans and take down our decadent society.


            The President is in a pickle.  He promised the world that he would close Gitmo.  But he has faced cold hard reality.  Most Americans don’t want hardened terrorists in their backyard. 


            The FBI Director said yesterday that he wouldn’t recommend bringing the terrorists back to America.  Too big a threat he warned.


            Neither the House or the Senate want to give the President the money to close Gitmo right now.   They want to see a plan, and they hope that plan shows that the terrorists won’t be in their back yard.


            And a new story today in the New York Times shows that one in seven of those who spent some quality time at Casa Gitmo eventually returned to their previous occupation, which was to be a terrorist.


            So, the President has decided to that Illinois would be the place to house these folks who are on a perverted mission from God. 


            I bet most Illinoisans thought that having a President from their home state would mean all kinds of good things, like more pork, the Olympics in Chicago, more transportation funding, stuff like that. 


            I don’t think they thought it meant getting a bunch of terrorists from Gitmo shipped next door. 


            Jake and Elwood had one redeeming quality, despite their criminal ways.  They could sing the blues.


            The Gitmo terrorists might be feeling the blues, but under their form of Islam, they can’t sing them.   

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