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Blame the Perps, Not the Politicians

Posted on October 29, 2018
Donald Trump was not to blame for the terrible bombing of the Alfred Murrah building in Oklahoma City in 1995.  Neither was Bill Clinton.

He wasn’t to blame for the most notorious bombing in our history.  Andrew Kehoe, angry that his property taxes went up, bombed the Bath School, killing 36 school children in 1927.   Neither was Herbert Hoover.

He wasn’t to blame for the string of 8200 bombings, attempted bombings and bomb threats perpetrated by college students angry about the Vietnam war.  Neither was Richard Nixon or Lyndon Johnson.

He wasn’t to blame for the San Bernadino shootings in 2015, that killed 14 and injured 24, or the Orlando Nightclub shooting that killed 49 or 2016 bombings in New York and New Jersey or the truck attack that killed 8 in New York in 2017.   Neither was Barack Obama.

Last year, 26 worshippers were gunned down in their Baptist Church outside of San Antonio, Texas.  Two years earlier, 9 were killed in a historically black church in Charleston, South Carolina.

The motives of the killers were not in any way similar, but the result was the same.  People who went to church to pray but ended up being shot dead for no good reason.

One happened when Obama was President, one happened when Trump was President.

Donald Trump didn’t inspire the terrorist attacks or mass shootings that have been a constant feature in American life since the very beginnings of our Republic.

The truth is that we don’t live in a very safe country.

We have more violence than most civilized countries on a fairly regular basis.

There was a social worker who worked full-time at a charitable organization called So Others Might Eat in Washington DC, murdered driving home from his job of feeding the hungry, just because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time in Northeast.

Police have arrested three out of four kids who killed a four-year-old girl as she was buying ice cream from an ice cream truck in our local community in Southeast Washington.

Don’t get me started about the violence that afflicts my hometown of Chicago every night.  It’s a kill zone there.

The end of the political season is drawing to a close.

Voters are on edge, wondering what next surprise will grab the attention of the national media.

The Democrats (and their friends) will routinely blame the President for every bad thing that any knucklehead is going to do or try to do in the next week or so, all to gain some political advantage.

They, of course, have blamed him for these pipe bombs sent to various folks.    Thankfully, none of them went off and nobody got hurt.  And because of the quick work of law enforcement, we know that the perpetrator was a marginal figure who desperately needed help from mental health officials.

The anti-Semitic racist who shot 11 dead in the Pittsburgh not only hated Jews and immigrants, he also hated Donald Trump.

Last year, a supporter of Bernie Sanders shot and almost killed House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.

Political leaders are not to blame for the actions of crazy people who commit terrible crimes in the name of some political cause and I wish politicians would stop trying to pin the blame on their political opponents when bad things happen.

You can’t blame Mr. Obama for the outrageous, dangerous and criminal activities of his close friend and associate Bill Ayers.

You shouldn’t blame President Trump for the acts of these crazy people doing crazy things.

Blame the perpetrators, not the politicians.

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