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Blago Strikes Back

Posted on December 30, 2008

Blago Strikes Back


            You get the sense that with this maneuver today that Blago, who is down to his last two pawns protecting his king, just took Mike Madigan’s rook.


            He might not survive this thing, but he isn’t checkmated yet, and his pawns are still dangerous.  If I were a Democrat in Illinois, I would be very nervous.


            The Burris-Blago-Bobby press conference today was a further embarrassment to the State of Illinois.  But it makes for great political theater.  Or perhaps theater of the absurd.


            It is quite a feat when Rod Blagojevich looks like the rational one, but guess what?  Compared to Burris and Bobby Rush, Hot Rod looked like the competent one.


            Rarely do you get a chance to see the race card played so crudely.  But there it was.  Rush put it well.  Roland Burris should be the next Senator because he is black.


            I wonder how that makes the people of Illinois, most of whom are not black, feel.


            Probably not very good, is my guess.


            Illinois is a mess.  Taxes are too high.  School test scores are too low.  Chicago is the murder capitol of the world.  The entire political establishment is under some sort of surveillance by the U.S. Attorney’s office. 


            You would think that the fact that Democrats run everything in the Land of Lincoln would mean that they would work together for the state, but they are not. 


            They are at each other’s throats, barely speaking other than to call their opponents crooks.  Well, they got that right.


            If ever the people of Illinois needed a chance to speak, the time is now.


            The idea that any politician should be given the chance to pick the next Senator is preposterous.  Give the people the pick.  Give them a vote.  And bring some credibility back to the process.


            Blago has some pawns left, but the people of Illinois are tired of being pawns in a grand game of politically corrupt politics.  Let’s stop with the games and give the people the vote. 

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