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July 21, 2020

5 Ways Trump Can Regain the Upper Hand on Covid 19

President Trump is going to lose his reelection bid if he doesn’t handle the COVID-19 crisis better. Here are five things he can do to regain control of a bad situation. Hire an expert who agrees with him: Anthony Fauci and Centers...

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July 14, 2020

It’s about the Trump voter

It’s never been about Donald Trump. It’s always been about the Donald Trump voter. To say that Donald Trump is a flawed human being is an understatement. The same could be said about the Donald Trump voter. We are all...

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June 30, 2020

On statues and statutes

It’s far easier to tear down statues than to enact statutes. Sam Rayburn, the former Speaker of the House, once said, “Any jackass can tear down a barn, but it takes a good carpenter to build one.” There are a...

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June 24, 2020

The Threat to Nonprofits and What to do about It

By Congressman Pat Meehan and John Feehery Nonprofits are the third-largest employer in the United States, but if a quirk in the law meant to save them doesn’t get fixed, many of them will be forced to close their doors...

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June 1, 2020

On Dragon, China, the Pandemic and, the Riots

The Dragon docked as it drifted across China. The Dragon, of course, is the new spaceship, paid for by an American entrepreneur, designed by American engineers and piloted by an American crew. It docked with the Space Station, the product...

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May 19, 2020

Masks, masking, and Montmartre

Montmartre, my favorite French Restaurant on Capitol Hill, announced it was closing last week. It’s a casualty of the war on the pandemic. It’s hard to say if we are winning or losing this war on COVID-19. But I do...

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