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February 2, 2021

Reconciliation Won’t Bring Reconciliation

Using reconciliation won’t bring reconciliation to a divided nation, but it will bring clarity to the voters. Budget reconciliation as a parliamentary procedure was enacted by Congress in 1974 and has been used by both Republicans and Democrats to achieve...

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January 6, 2021

The Defensive Coordinator

Mitch McConnell was just named the Defensive Coordinator for the U.S. Senate GOP Conference.   He is also the head coach for the party.  He gave up the title of Offensive Coordinator.   After the November election, McConnell quipped that...

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December 31, 2020

2020, Clarified

  It’s awfully hard to write a column when you are on vacation.   And for the last two weeks, I have been on vacation.   The family flew to Chicago to see Grandma and my brothers and their families....

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December 1, 2020

How Republicans Take Back the House

In two short years, the nation’s voters will give the Biden administration a midterm grade on its performance. The last two times that a Democratic president won the White House, the GOP was able to retake the House during the...

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November 17, 2020

Dems Need a New Speaker

The last time a House majority failed so spectacularly to deliver expected results was 1998. Then-Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) promised his restless colleagues that he had a plan to deliver up to 30 more allies for his narrow Republican majority. That plan...

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November 11, 2020

Remembering Armistice Day

I wrote this five years ago and thought it good enough to repost. There is no apostrophe in Veterans Day for a simple reason. Our nation’s veterans don’t own the day. They don’t possess it. On Veterans Day, we Americans...

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