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A Nuclear Iran?

Posted on June 4, 2009

A Nuclear Iran?


            In a perfect world, President Barack Obama is right about Iran.  It should have access to nuclear energy to help generate clean power.


            But it is not a perfect world.


            Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map.


            It probably wouldn’t mind doing the same to Saudi Arabia.


            It continues to fund terrorism world-wide.


            It is a theocratic state run by a bunch of crazy religious extremists.


            Beyond that, all is hunky-dory with old Iran.


            So why would Obama even open the door to a nuclear Iran. 


            There is no evidence that they have ability to become a non-theocratic state.


            There is no evidence that they have the wherewithal to do to the Islamists what Attaturk did in Turkey.


            There is no evidence that they will ever change their opinion of Israel.


            When Obama opens the door to giving Iran access to nuclear power, he shows weakness, as if he is ready to bargain.


            Anybody who has even tried to buy rugs in Istanbul knows that showing even a hint of interest is the first sign that you will get screwed.


            Obama is going to get screwed in this deal.  Let’s hope that the rest of us don’t get screwed in the process.