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A Day In the Life of Impeachment

Posted on December 18, 2019
I was having a cup of coffee at a local French bistro this morning, when I heard someone, a nattily dressed older white man, loudly declare: “What a great day! We are impeaching that asshole.”

He seemed to be directing his comments at me, as there were only a few others in the café and none of them seemed to be very political.

I left hurriedly, my coffee finished. I wasn’t in the mood to get in an endless argument with some dude whose opinions were already firmly unchangeable.

Plus, it was a beautiful morning. Why ruin it by getting all hot and bothered about something that I couldn’t do anything about.

To my friend’s assertion that it was a great day, I didn’t think it was an especially great day, nor an especially terrible day.

It was just another day in a city of sharp opinions, most of which are never kept private.

As I walked to my office, I saw a trio of elderly white women. One was holding a sign, with Donald Trump’s face prominently displayed. It was not a flattering picture.

They were either walking from a protest, or to a protest.

I guess it didn’t matter where they were walking. They were a moveable protest.

They wanted President Trump not only impeached, but also prosecuted for treason.

Good luck with that.

Hey, it’s America.

Protest all you want. But please clean up after yourselves.

America seems to be sharply divided on whether to support Donald Trump’s impeachment and potential removal from office.

That’s what the polls all say.

I am not sure if I believe those polls.

I have a sneaking suspicion that this impeachment drive will be a political fiasco for the Democrats and a political boon for the President.

I could be wrong.

I know that many, many people desperately want Donald Trump to be removed from office.

I know that because I see them in my neighborhood, I see them on television, I read them on the Twitter-verse, I see their comments on the Facebook.

Liberal Democrats feel strongly about this. They have felt strongly about this from the very moment the President got elected. In fact, the day after the President was inaugurated, I saw women from around the country (and the world) flock to my city and demand that he be either impeached, flayed, or in the case of Madonna, bombed.

These women were in all kinds of costumes, carrying all kinds of signs, many of which had words on them that are still banned by the FCC on the public airwaves.

One of those women who marched that day would later testify at the House Judiciary Committee hearing on impeachment that, in her learned opinion, the President should be, wait for it, impeached.

You can’t make this stuff up, my friends.

So here we are, as the House of Representatives votes articles of impeachment for the third President in our nation’s history (fourth if you include Richard Nixon and the Judiciary Committee).

I am of the opinion that once the fever of impeachment breaks, the country will turn back to business as usual.

Actually, even at the height of impeachment fever, the Congress has done an enormous amount of important business, some of it routine, like funding the government, and some of it more extraordinary, like repealing the misguided taxes created by Obamacare.

Say what you will about the two massive tax and spending packages that both the House and Senate passed this week, but combined, they will bring a bunch of additional stimulus to an economy that is already humming.

If you add that to the USMCA trade deal that the Senate will take up early next year (the House already passed it), it is hard to see how the economy will fall into a recession next year.

Many, many Democrats on K Street and in Washington confidently predicted earlier this year that the economy was going to collapse, hoping upon hope that a stumbling economy will strengthen their chances to take back the White House.

That ain’t gonna happen. Sorry to my liberal friends.

Say what you will about the President’s competence. I would rather have a President who is lucky than good.

And I would rather have an incompetent President who believes in capitalism than a fully-competent but fully socialist alternative.

President Trump has marketed himself as a disruptor. He likes to see himself as an outsider, as somebody who was sent here to smash the status quo.

This impeachment drive only helps him with his marketing strategy.

He is still the outsider, despite the fact that he and the Congress are cutting deals right and left, getting stuff done and taking care of business like a seasoned insider.

This impeachment drive is a joke, but the President, in time, will find it to be useful for his own purposes.

I hope my liberal friends are happy.

I know the President’s supporters certainly will be when he gets himself reelected.

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