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5 Reasons the GOP Will Beat Expectations Next Week


By John Feehery

Pat Roberts official photo 2.jpg

“Pat Roberts official photo 2″ by United States Senate – File:Pat_Roberts_official_photo.jpg. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

(This originally appeared in the Wall Street Journal’s Think Tank)

The midterm elections are one week away. Here are five reasons that Republicans are set to do much better in seven days than the polls indicate today:

1. Democrats are already playing the blame game. Josh Earnest, the president’s spokesman, told the press corps last week that the White House was not to blame for Democratic losses. But over the weekend, the New York Times reported that was precisely what Senate Democrats were preparing to do. Political campaign professionals are like squirrels in the fall: When they start packing up their nuts early, you know it’s going to be a long winter. (more…)

Late to the Party


By John Feehery

President Barack Obama.jpg

“President Barack Obama” by Official White House Photo by Pete Souza – P120612PS-0463 (direct link). Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

If the President were to plan and throw a surprise party for his wife, Michelle, he would be late to it.

This Administration is always late to the party. (more…)

Boehner’s Blunder or Barack’s Brush-Back


By John Feehery

John Boehner official portrait.jpg
If I were a constitutional lawyer, I would find Speaker of the House John Boehner’s impending lawsuit against President Obama completely fascinating.

I am not a lawyer, so I can’t explain all of the ins and outs of this legal action, but I think I understand the political dynamics behind it.

There is considerable risk for the Speaker and House Republicans in proceeding with this lawsuit.

The court could summarily dismiss it, which would be very embarrassing for the Speaker.  The voters could see the whole exercise as a waste of their hard-earned tax dollars.  The Democratic base could get riled up as result, and it could become a political boomerang, decapitating the chances for a Republican sweep.

It could be seen in history as Boehner’s blunder.


Some Incomplete Thoughts on the Dangers of “Crony Capitalism”


By John Feehery


I am very sympathetic to the libertarian philosophy.

I believe that when government tries to subvert markets, things go awry.

Prohibition is a perfect example.

The government tried to stamp out the casual use of alcohol in the 1920’s, and the marketplace found a way to serve a thirsty public anyway.

The result was mayhem.


The RINOs: A History


By John Feehery

GOP Logo1.svg
When news broke that Eric Cantor had lost his primary, Ed Gillespie, the Republican nominee for the Virginia Senate seat, immediately tweeted congratulations to David Brat.  The rest of the Republican party establishment, the non-sentimental lot that it is, fell into line and pledged to support the winner.

Cantor had been defeated.  There was no talk of starting a third party or sitting the election out.  Sure, there was some anger and disappointment, but rank and file Republicans moved on.

Contrast with the news of what happened last night.  Long before it became clear that Thad Cochran, a long-time Republican incumbent and overall highly respected senior Statesman, had been reelected, Tea Partiers had a existential meltdown.  Sarah Palin went on Sean Hannity’s Show and threatened to start a third party.  Prominent bloggers cried that if they didn’t get their way, they would drop out of politics entirely.  Laura Ingraham, who led the charge against Cantor, threatened to join Palin.



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