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The Limits of Direct Democracy


By John Feehery

DC Cannabis Campaign volunteer 2014.JPG

“DC Cannabis Campaign volunteer 2014″ by MatthewVanitas – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

I couldn’t do it.

Despite talking a big game about being for pot legalization, when I had the chance to vote for the policy, I voted no.

It didn’t matter.   DC voters overwhelmingly approved the referendum. (more…)

Another Congressional To Do List


By John Feehery

111th US Senate class photo.jpg

“111th US Senate class photo” by U.S. Senate, 111th Congress, Senate Photo Studio – Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Here is my recommended agenda when Republicans take back the Senate:

1)   Tax reform:  Lower the corporate tax rate, make it easier for companies to repatriate money from overseas, slap a five percent tax on billionaires.

2)   All of the above energy: Build the Keystone pipeline, expand tax credits for solar and wind, clear way for nuclear energy, bolster research for clean coal, allow for liquid natural gas to be exported. (more…)

Will ICANN Turn Into ICAN’T?


By John Feehery


“Pm-map”. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Two weeks after Germany declared war on Russia to start the First World War, the Panama Canal was completed by the Americans.

For thirteen years, in the last 19th century, the French had been the ones who tried to forge a huge short-cut in Central America, but they finally gave up by 1894, exhausted by disease and bankrupted by the effort. (more…)

No Use in Holding Holder in His Job


By John Feehery

Eric Holder official portrait.jpg

“Eric Holder official portrait” by United States Department of Justice – Large-scale version of image found here: Department of Justice. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Republicans should do their best to allow Eric Holder to depart the Justice Department as quickly as possible.

He has been as bad an Attorney General in his way as Alberto Gonzales was in his way.

Justice ought to be blind and it ought to be color-blind, but that’s not how Holder viewed his job. (more…)

Nasty, Brutish and Short: The Lame Duck


By John Feehery

United States Capitol west front edit2.jpg

“United States Capitol west front edit2″ by United_States_Capitol_-_west_front.jpg: Architect of the Capitol
derivative work: O.J. – United_States_Capitol_-_west_front.jpg. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

So, if the Senate flips, what will the lame duck session of Congress look like?

If history is any judge, like life for Thomas Hobbes, it will be nasty, brutish and short. (more…)


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