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By John Feehery


We are stuck in 2009 and we can’t get out. (more…)

Making Ron Burgundy Proud


By John Feehery


The commercials are frickin’ hilarious.

Ron Burgundy, Anchorman, selling the Dodge Durango. (more…)

Walking Away from a Train Wreck


By John Feehery


I never heard of, but apparently they were the ones that broke the big story yesterday, the story of how Team Clinton slowly but surely walks away from the train wreck that is the Obama Presidency.

“I personally believe, even if it takes a change in the law, that the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they’ve got,” is what the former President said to said about the current President. (more…)



By John Feehery


I know I am asking a lot here.

But the new health care needs a new name.

Let’s stop calling it Obamacare.

Here is my reasoning.

If you want to repeal a law, you need Democratic help.   They will never vote to repeal a law named after a President that they nominated twice and got elected twice.

The term Obamacare came initially from a health care lobbyist named Jeanne Schulte Scott, according to Wikipedia.   She was describing a series of health care proposals put forward by  various politicians and Obamacare turned out to candidate Obama’s take on it.

It was Mitt Romney who first used Obamacare as part of a political attack.  In 2007, before Mr. Obama had won his first primary, Romney accused candidate Obama of pushing for socialized, government-run health care, which of course, is distinct from whatever Romney did in Massachusetts (or at least, that’s what Romney tried to convince people).

After the President successfully enacted his proposal, a competition developed between proponents and opponents of the law.  The President memorably said that he supported the term “Obamacare”.  “I have no problem saying Obama cares.  I do care.”

The Department of Health and Human Services, in fact, bought Google Ads tied to the keyword “Obamacare”, to steer people back to the official HHS site.  The Obama campaign also embraced Obamacare as if it were a positive accomplishment.

But the Tea Party was born thanks to Obamacare.

Tea Party patriots (as they like to call themselves) were mobilized chiefly by opposing the President’s new law.  Sarah Palin talked about death panels,  Rush Limbaugh warned about the dire impact of Obamacare, and lately, Ted Cruz did a fake filibuster promising to stop the President’s law by defunding it.

Obamacare didn’t dominate the Presidential debate, as much as some folks would have liked.  But now that we are getting closer to implementation, we should think clearly about whether the energy that is expended in complaining about it actually helps or hurts the cause in changing it.

There is a bit of a Obama derangement syndrome.

Anything associated with this President drives conservatives absolutely batty.  They go nuts and they can’t think rationally.

That derangement syndrome actually helped to drive the right wing on this silly effort to shut down the government to force the President to defund his own law.

That was never going to happen, and it has proved to be a serious distraction from the very real troubles that have dogged the new law.

We might be better off taking the President’s name of the law, and trying to approach this debate more rationally.

There is another reason why it might behoove us to change the terms of the debate.

What if the law turns out to be amazingly popular?

That probably won’t happen, but then again, people said the same thing about Social Security.

We don’t call the Social Security program, Roosevelt-care, do we?

So, let’s stop calling the Affordable Care Act Obamacare?

Let’s call it G-Care, short for government health care.

That’s what it is and it might be easier to get Democrats to repeal parts of the G-Care than it will be to get them to repeal Obamacare.

America Needs A Bench Coach


By John Feehery


My 7 year-old son plays for a Little League team, the Angels, which is a pretty funny name for a bunch of rambunctious little boys.

Baseball isn’t the fastest game in the world, especially for 7 year-olds, and the kids can get kind of kooky on the bench when we are up to bat.

One of the coaches for the Angels is a mother to one of the boys.  She is the bench coach, and her job is to keep the kids from pouring water on one another, stop them from hitting their teammates (unintentionally, of course) with a baseball, and otherwise keep the kids in line.

In other words, she is the adult who keeps an eye on the kids.

You ever think that the Federal government needs some adult supervision, especially now that government has shut down?

The President is supposed to be the adult and Congress is supposed to act like Little Leaguers.

Unfortunately, Barack Obama is like the kid who won’t let another kid use the baseball helmet he got from his parents.  And he won’t negotiate over it.

In fact, he won’t negotiate at all, over anything.

That’s unsustainable and he should know it.

Conservatives who threaten to shut the government down unless they get their way on Obamacare are no better.    They are like the kids who won’t give the baseball back to the coach unless they get to play in the infield.

The lack of maturity coming from the Congress does remind me of the lack of maturity that sometimes comes from the 7 year-olds on the Angels.  The big difference?  The kids on the Angels are 7.

The other big difference, of course, is that the various tempter tantrums that infect the battle between the legislative and executive branches is the real world implications of the Congressional fight.

When kids act like kids, there is an expectation that the kids will eventually grow up.

When Congress acts like children, jobs are lost, the economy stalls, and people lose faith in their government.

All of this dysfunction could help a female candidate like Hillary Clinton.  I say that with no relish, because I am not a big fan of the former Secretary of State.

But if the men in our government continue to act like the boys on my son’s baseball team, voters might decide they need a bench coach like the Angel’s bench, a woman who can keep the boys in line.



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